Thermometer and thermostat mentalities.

In the last episode of Money Heist season 3 (spoiler alert), the most genius plot twist was unveiled. As The Professor and Raquel were hiding out in the forest, and Raquel was given up to the police by the owners of the farmhouse she was hiding in, suddenly, the blockbuster of the year turned from a game of wits to a game of guns. Suarez feigned Raquel’s death knowing all too well that the Professor was listening in. Then Sergio lost his cool. Furious and desperate, he changes the guiding principle of his heist from negotiations to combat. The heist becomes a war.

There are two types of leaders in the world: Thermostat leaders and thermometer leaders. But everyone is a leader of themselves (leaders=people😂), hence the statement; there are two types of people in the world: thermostats and thermometers. Assuming that we all attempted physics at a point in our lives, we can differentiate between the two, but the sake of those who didn’t …

Thermometers are instruments that can only measure temperature of an environment. They can do nothing else. Thermostats on the other hand, regulate the temperatures of an environment by implementing measures to ensure the temperatures are maintained at a certain degree.

A thermometer leader is a leader who reacts to stimuli in the environment. In other words, he is affected by the environment. Take Sergio for example. He played the role of the genius master planner all through season 1-3. However, after being tricked by Suarez into believing Raquel is dead, he orders Parlemo to change the plan from a heist to a war. He became irrational owing to the anger of losing his love. A relateable example is my Computer science lecturer.🙊

A thermostat leader is an unaffected leader. One who doesn’t lose his cool. A thermostat dictates the environment. It activates the heater when the temperature of the room falls below average. It switches on the ac when the temperature goes beyond a certain degree. The temperature of the room becomes subject to the thermostat’s command.

From the analogy above, it’s obvious that thermostat leaders are better leaders. Everyone loves a thermostat leader. Once you identify yourself as a thermostat, environment ceases being an excuse. You dictate (have complete control over) every situation. You stop being mediocre and own each and every situation as you grow through life. You call the shots of your success.

Think about it. Are you a thermometer or a thermostat?


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