Mchovya Asali …

Part 1

Hey Saruni,

My name is Julie (not her real name) and my first year experience was far from my expectations.

After getting admitted into a world class University that supposedly offers scholarly excellence, I thought that my dream of becoming a top Veterinary doctor in Kenya would morph into a reality. Never have I ever been so wrong. This is what happened.

I got booked into Hall V. Mom helped me unpack and kissed me goodbye. She had left an innocent girl in the brutal arms of the world and, innocent I was, well at least for two more weeks.

I am sharing the room with Ann. Other than being disorganized and noisy, I enjoy her company, and that of her boyfriend’s. His name is Steve, I think, or Simon. Two days after admission, coming from freshman orientation, I accidentally walked into the duo ‘getting physical‘ in our room. On my bed. I was suddenly hit by a myriad of reactions ranging from embarrassment to shock. I quickly shut the door, locking myself out.

What did I just witness? Is Ann mad at me for walking in unannounced? Is this even legal? I thought better than going back into the room for another four hours. I went and sat by myself on the ramp of the building entrance, trying to get the image out of my head with some Hillsong United music.

My heart started pounding hard when my phone rang. Ann was calling. I picked the call, ready with a million and two apologies.

“Hello Ann. I am terribly sorry for coming in…”

“Julie, baby, there’s nothing wrong about that. I am not angry at your silly ass. Come back home, he’s gone. I bet it’s cold outside.”

I went back to the room after making peace with myself. Maybe she was just luring me to the room to discipline my ‘silly ass’. That wasn’t the case. I got into the room, shameful. The guy had not yet left. We were however formally introduced.

I was still shaking, expecting anything. I didn’t even get his name but it started with ‘S’. He was really good looking. Probably an Indian or Pakistan- he was clearly of Asian descent. He had to be. He had curly hair and really pink lips, a long neck with an Adam’s apple sticking out right at its middle. I got lost in his eyes for a moment.

I honestly can’t explain how we all became one closely knit family. All I know is that things got wilder with time. Since we were all cool with each other, the couple would carry on with their business regardless of my presence. I was watching my agemates doing things I’d only seen on Telemundo, and even more.

The problem arose a week later. I was just from experiencing my monthly dose of womanhood and my emotions were all over the place, playing tag with my hormones. I began imagining myself with Steve. I started yearning for an experience in a man’s arms. I had not felt this before. A crave was born.

It was on a Friday afternoon. A warm one. I didn’t have class. I needed to relax. I got off my tight jeans and into a sleeveless dress that did a poor job in hiding the essentials. I needed that, a few breezes here and there๐Ÿ˜‚. Anne had gone home for the weekend and I was expecting nobody. I lay on the bed listening to some good Nyashinski jams.

As I was drifting between reality and fantasy in perfect euphoria, I was rudely pulled into reality by a knock on the door. It had to be one of those ‘I do nails, I sell phone covers’ hustlers looking for a customer or some Prophet Owuor Missionary on a conquering quest. I hesitated, but the knocker would not go away like a bad flu.

I dragged myself to the door eventually. I had nothing to lose, well except from my independence if it was a Prophet Owuor guy๐Ÿ˜‚.

“Steve,” I gasped, “sikujua ni wewe. Sorry I’ve kept you waiting for so long.”

I was not only startled by his presence, but this had never happened before. Each time he came, Ann was there. She wasn’t here. I stared at his bright face. He had a pearl white smile.

“Oh! Ann isn’t around…”

“Yes, she’s just told me. Can’t I come to see you?” Did he just ask that? I started getting disoriented. A shy blush crept in from nowhere. “Well, won’t you let me in?”


As I locked the door behind him, I felt my heart beat a certain way it never beat before. I suddenly got back to my right mind. What was I wearing? The room was a perfect illustration of untidy.

“I’m sorry. I have to change. I wasn’t expecting…”

“Don’t mind me, I’m not staying long anyway.”

Conversation was hard. The awkward silences were getting out of hand. I could barely keep up with the questions. He was so cute. He would smack his pink lips once in a while. Were they as sweet as they seemed? I couldn’t help but stare. He noticed, I guess, so he smiled and then stood up to leave.

“Well, I have to leave Julie. It’s been a pleasure getting to know each other well.” I was still lost in his wide eyes. He leaned in for a hug. Why not? I stood up and got engulfed within his wide chest and masculine arms. I could feel the air under my breathe getting warmer by the moment. My body felt different. I could feel the weight on my chest and the pace of my pulse increase. He slid his hands to the sides of my stomach and let them rest on my waist. A tingling sensation ran down my spine so sharply that a small groan escaped my lips.

Still in his arms, our eyes locked. I felt embarrassed and excited at the same time. What is this feeling? That very moment, all I wanted was to make a bad decision.

…to be continued

part two


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