Mchovya Asali…

Part 3.

“Anne!” I gasped, jumping away from Saatvik’s firm grip on my goodies. How had she gotten to Hall IX and back that fast? My heart was throbbing out of control. Not only was I trembling, but suddenly I felt all my internal organs melt out of their positions.

Anne stood at the doorway, her hands cupped at her mouth in utter bewilderment. She could not believe her eyes.

She looked me in the eye. Her pupils dilated with rage and gently filled up with tears. She clenched her fists in fury. Faster than a blink, she was flying across the room, destination – my face.

I had never been punched in the face before. Actually, never have I ever been punched. However, Anne made her fists acquainted with my nose in a rather bloody way. Part of my face felt numb as I fell to the floor like a log.

Ann got on top me, leg over, and dominated. She showered me with a well balanced rain of slaps and blows. I did not fight back. I was guilty. Wasn’t I? Was I? Was it actually my fault? I mean Saatvik made the first move. Where the hell was he anyway.

As if he read my thoughts, he pulled Anne away from me. “Babe relax.”

“Don’t babe me you dog!” She protested, trying to free herself from his strong arms. She was crying beyond control. “You are a freaking dog. You…you…and this God-damned biiii….” She blasted, veering in my direction again.

“I’m sorry Anne. I’m so sorry. Forgive me…”

She couldn’t hear any of it.

All I could see between my half bloody half teary eyes, was Saatvik taking the side of Anne whereas we were all in this mess because of his seductive approaches. Suddenly, I hated him. I hated them both. Why was she hitting me anyway? So as she approached the second time, the story changed.

My hands locked on her neck. I bit my salty lower lip as I squeezed her neck as hard as I could. I heard her choke her way to unconsciousness. She managed to escape nearly by digging her claws into my hair and pulled. The pain surged through my brain sharply, I let go.

I clenched a fist and threw a hefty blow that met her left ribs. A second and third followed before she let go of my braids. I stood still to see whether she had decided to stop fighting. I was wrong.

She headed for my neck, digging her claws into it. She scratched like a cat, and I loathe these creatures. I kicked her in the leg. She slapped my face. She got hold of my loose dress and pulled it, exposing my lingeries. As I tried to preserve my dignity, she pushed me to the floor and jumped on me in quick succession.

I pushed her over, and gave her a dose of her own medicine. As I pressed my palms heavily against her chubby cheeks, she clutched my dress, again, ripping it at the top. My beautiful sisters lay bare in the open. I had two options, win the battle and lose the war, or surrender and be under the mercies of this Jezebel. I chose the latter.

With my hand over my bare chest I retreated to a corner, embarrassed yet angry. Saatvik tried to ‘console’ me but I wanted nothing to do with him. After all, I knew what that snooping dog was really after. Men are such dogs!

Anne picked herself up and wiped her tears off her face amid sobs. She looked around for her bag and picked it. She was headed for the door but she turned back and faced me.

“How could you?” She asked disappointed. “What did I do to deserve this? What happened to sisterhood? You disgust me. You and this dog of man! And you,” turning to Saatvik who actually seemed really unbothered, “forget about us. Fuck both of you. Fucking snakes!” She blasted, and broke into tears.

Anne stormed out, banging the door behind her so hard.

What had I done? What was wrong with me? How had lust taken the better part of me?

Saatvik had no shame trying to comfort me with an embrace. I was however, too weak and disoriented to shove him away. My emotions were equally as bruised as my face was.

When Anne walked back in for her keys that she had forgotten, she met what could be easily confused for a warm embrace of romance. Her roommate with her hands on her breasts in the arms of her boyfriend.

“I can’t believe it. You are such a slut Julie!”

“No, Anne. Please, it’s not…” I protested.

“No. No. Have him. Have babies with him. Have the whole room even. Have everything!” She said, breaking into a sarcastic smile then laughter. Then left.

“Julie I’m so sorry…” Saatvik tried convincing me.

“Get the hell out! Go away! Get out!” I screamed at him.

Saatvik slowly moved away. I didn’t want to see him ever again. “Julie…”

“Get out or I’ll scream”

He left. I locked the door behind him.

I sat on my bed. My body ached in all different places. My face was sore. My heart was sullen. Maybe I was to blame after all. I had tasted the fruit forbidden- sure was sweet, but I wanted more.


Evening found me backed in a corner of my room, fighting self-blame and thoughts on how life would be from that day. I had resolved to crying but it did a poor job taking the pain away. I wanted to pray but I wasn’t really sure whether prayers from sinners like me reached the footplates of heaven.

Just then, a text came in.

Anne: I will kill you. I’ll certainly kill you bitch!


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