Shoot your shot! Shoot your shot!

Dedication to the purest souls I know. Happy Birthday…

I remembered the jaws of everyone present in the auditorium dropped in sheer disbelief. Had our ears heard well? Hands of the few were cupped at their mouths. Even the deejay had stopped the music. No. It couldn’t be.

I guess the king of FIFA was equally as heartbroken as everyone that night. He had leapt from his seat at the back of the room that had played a role in hosting the maiden karaoke night. About a minute ago, he was on top of the seat, screaming and shouting at the top of his lungs! “Shoot your shot! Shoot your shot!”

The Damsel in the story left the scene as gracefully as she had set in. Lofty steps down the podium, her pair of pitch black stilleto heels cracking the pindrop silence with their loud cling clongs.

Maybe she didn’t realize the gravity of her actions. Maybe the silence wasn’t eerie enough for her dark side. We had witnessed classic heart shattering first hand. Like a ndrama. Like a vindeo.

As the audience dispersed and the stage lights dimmed, all that rang in people’s mind was the terror they had beheld. “Will you be my date to prom?”

And alas! The very first rejection was experienced by both the high and the low, the great and the small alike. All we could picture was the courageous young man on one knee, with his arms as wide open as his heart for his fond lady. However, all we could hear night-long was the echoing of her resounding answer, ” NO! “.



The sun shall rise and we shall try again!
~Torrie Munuve

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