A man is never born successful, successful people are made but as for me I will say that people make themselves successful. It doesn’t matter how; the end justifies the means. With that thought in mind, I decide to go out to hunt for success. But before I get out of my car, I look at myself at the rear mirror and my reflection seems to ask me “If not today when?” If you are wondering how a chokora can own a car, then get to know that I live in a garage.

Every day I always lurked around Patel Technologies and the day had come to execute the plan I spent months crafting. I walked down Sepetu street to make sure reality conformed to plans. Shiko’s smile assured me that she was born ready. I smiled back with a wink of my right eye, but she didn’t blush. Guess my smile is not that contagious or she’s too tough or my face had been calloused by the events of the streets. I miss the days I used to have a clear skin, I used to be handsome but right now that forms the least of my worries.

Evening came pretty fast and events unfolded just as planned. Patel is a computer geek, the best in the land and the CEO of Patel Technologies. He seemed invincible but I had identified his weak spot. He was a constant customer at the Sepetu street brothel and today was no exception. His driver dropped him and waited for him outside. I sat at a strategic point where I saw Shiko make her move. Within minutes she managed to lure the driver into the brothel where she would skillfully play her game. After what seemed like eternity, she appeared and gave me the driver’s apparels and winked at me. At last she winked! I donned hurriedly and got into Patel’s car as a driver in disguise.

From a distance, I saw Patel paying of his dues to his ‘mistress’. As he walked towards the car, my heart throbbed thunderously. His steps grew audible as he drew closer and closer. I never knew I would be this nervous- the only thing happening that wasn’t part of the plan. I closed my eyes and swallowed the lump that had formed in my throat and for the first time I thought about God. “Help me oh Lord!”…


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