I opened my eyes, looked back and Patel was on the car door. He got in so excited and told me to drive as fast I could thinking I was his driver. As I drove, Patel narrated to me how he had enjoyed his night. He said that that was the night of all nights where he met the queen herself. Rage started building up in me because I was still a virgin. Wait… was it rage or lust? Whatever it was it made me start slowing down and I pulled up by the roadside to beat the hell out of Patel.

“Why have you stopped?” This question stirred up my nerves and reminded me of my goal. “Sorry sir, I just wanted to remove this bottle from under the seat…you know it could easily cause an accident.” I reached out for a bottle I had seen earlier under the seat. “Since when did you start calling me sir?” This question startled me, and I decided to laugh it off. When we arrived at his palatial home, he asked me the question again. “Since I realized I’m a pretend driver.” The look on his face could have made a good meme but I didn’t care.

“Mr. Patel, I know your secret, you are cheating on your wife and I would love to get into your house and tell her the truth.” This statement astonished him, and he started sweating profusely. “However, I’ve just realized you could be of help to me…” he cut me short and asked who I was. I laughed and looked at him, “This boy is a street boy who is very obsessed with IT that he got you by the balls and for you to stay unscathed, he wants you to teach him everything you know in the world of IT.”

Patel took a deep breath and then was like…What! “Yeah, that’s all I want” “That’s outrageous!” “Well, lemme tell you what’s outrageous, if you don’t do this I’m not only going to destroy your marriage but also send you to the famous ‘odi wa sepetu’ and you know what happens there.” Seeing that he had a lot to lose, he gave in to my demands. That was the best news ever. My plan had worked!

Days turned to weeks, weeks graduated to months and after three months, Patel called me into his office. In my mind, I tried figuring out what he would want but I couldn’t because on that day I didn’t have a lesson. Anyway, my robust legs led me to his office. He looked at me, squinted his eyes and said, “You know, I’ve never met anyone like you in my whole life. You are so determined, and I know there must be something that is driving you. What is it?”

“Patel…I used to stay with my parents, who are still alive, in Murang’a. My dad realized the love I had for an education and he gave up everything for me. He sold everything he had and managed to pay my fees till I cleared high school. This move made my mom abandon him because of how destitute we would be. She wanted me to drop school and work like other people. When I was done with high school and passed graciously, my dad came to me and said, “My son, I have sacrificed all I have for you and I have nothing left not even a shoulder to lean on but you. I would have loved to take you to campus, but I can’t. I want you to be a man and use your smart brain to get what you want in life” I have never forgotten those words and that’s what pushed me.” Patel nodded his head and assured me that he will not only teach me but also take care of all my needs.

I had only been hearing about this light at the end of the tunnel but now I could see it. I walked out of Patel’s office and saw one of the computer wizards in the firm give me an investigative look. For a moment I stalled and came to the conclusion that it was time to launch the second mission…


4 thoughts on “SMART CHOKORA II

  1. Perfect article my son. I’m so proud of you… sooooo captivating… anxiously awaiting the next one😍😍😍🙏🙏


  2. I love the plot twist. I was expecting you to ask him for money or something. I had even anticipated you were his bastard and he had had you on one of his promiscuous escapades. I am so waiting for part three. Big up man.


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