Beautifully Broken Momma

Drawn by sapience
A unique definition of sexy,
The curves internal
Flaws relatable
Attractions peculiar

Only she can explain
The hotness below the freezing point
The chill above the boiling point
The world she creates
She lives here- sexy in her own definition

It was an illusion
A spark for the moment
An existence just for today
Just like it came, it vanished
We were left with memories
Our archives full
And wishes that it lasted
But it lasted as long as it could
Which is not long either

We were left with memories.

Listen to what she said
But you didn’t hear
The scars she covered just for you
The tears she cried to hide for your case
The love she gave unconditionally
The lengths she covered to protect you
The battles she fought for your sake
How many times she tried to prove herself
Even though we know she shouldn’t



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