My fever stated rising
I could breath comfortably no more
I started coughing dangerously
I could no longer taste or smell
I appeared bluish and pale
I was literally dying
But you took me in fast
Thank you medic

At the ICU I was losing it
Buried in massive machines
All I could see was angelic figures
Walking back and forth
My lungs were impoverished
Your diagnosis found the novel coronavirus plus some lung disease
I lost all hope
But you assured me of life
I was ambivalent
But you were sure
Thank you medic

With your deft hands
You handled my body with care
You brought me food amd drugs
You cleaned my room
You made me comfortable
What a paradox!
You gave me advice
Your presence resuscitated my feeble hope
Thank you medic

I now relish an outburst of health
To the whole world I was an outcast
But to you
I was a treasure worth salvaging from the jaws of death
Waswahili say, “Nilikuwa nachungulia kaburi”
But to you that was enough to keep me alive
What can I do to thank you
What sort of love hath thou showeth?
‘Thank you’ cannot express my gratitude
May God bless you medic. My Guardian Angel


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