Eternal Love

Lips first, then tongue interlock
You are the charm of my luck
come down let’s have a dance
My Medusa, you froze me with your glance

You are my addiction and elixir
My universe and my forever
What a blissful feeling is it to hold your hand
And the sweetness of your lips, no one can understand

We shall build our houses in the trees
And enjoy the finesse of nature’s bliss
No harm shall come near our portal
For we shall be secured in affection immortal

Come life or death, I will be yours
For I love the scent of your hair as soft as fur
Darling our love is too perfect for reality
So let’s invade heaven and dwell in immorality

Let the dews of this mountain grace our love
An emblem of strength falling from above
The thrill that bubbles us from within
Let it be unto life everlasting

©wondergirl 20/4/2


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