Dear Sister

To Sally,

Hi sis. I miss you, we all do. For some reason all the letters I write you always get sent back. I think its because I have been writing the address on the envelopes in small letters. This time I will be sure to use very large capital letters- TO SALLY IN THE BETTER PLACE- you’ll see when you receive it. Nanny Tee says the letters there are delivered by angels. That must be nice. She also says that if you stay there long enough, you become an angel yourself, then you can come visit us whenever you want. Since you did not receive them, my previous letters were on how Nanny Tee’s daughter, Elena, became a pilot, how daddy bought a new car, how I started learning from home (Nanny Tee calls it homeschooling), and how Elena taught me how to ride a bike. Now don’t get mad, cause I kind of broke your bicycle but Elena says she will buy a new one.

So this week I have been staying with daddy. Mummy was supposed to pick me up yesterday but she still hasn’t come. I know you must be wondering why they are not staying in the same house. They told me they got something called a divorce so they can’t stay together, and don’t worry, I have a letter prepared for the man in a suit who made them agree to this divorce thing. I will give it to him the next time I see him. Nanny Tee says the man is some kind of a law man. Now I know what not to become when I grow up.

Dad hasn’t been to work for days. He has been in his room, only coming out to receive deliveries of some brown bags with bottles in them, you know like the one he was drinking the night you had that little accident. Yesterday I went up to show him the dragon I had drawn but I found him asleep. I usually show my drawings to Nanny Tee but yesterday was her off day. I went back to daddy’s room later and he was finally awake. I found him holding his suit while looking at himself in the mirror. I guess he was just trying to see whether he would still look good in his suit. You know that suit. It is still the only one he owns. The one he always says mummy forced him to wear on their wedding day. The only other time I saw him wear it was on the day the rest of us went to send you off to the better place. I didn’t even get to show him my dragon. He said he was too busy doing some arrangements for something.

Anyway daddy said mummy went to be with you and Grandma in the better place. I miss her already. If she has not yet arrived now she will soon. Give her a hug for me will you, and give Grandma one too. I wish I could join you guys there but Nanny Tee always says I’m way too young for that place. Ooh and if you get a chance please ask some angels to come say hi to me, Daddy and Nanny Tee. I want to see if I can draw one.

Your loving baby brother,

By Chiko


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