What If

What if life was endless?
Wil you yearn for another after death?
What if there was no light at the end of the tunnel?
Will you keep walking in darkness?
And what if darkness decided to face light?
Watch as the sun approaches to start a fight.
So what if second chances didn’t exist?
Will forgiveness be a miracle to be performed?
Answer to anger came from a sword.
Knowing nobody is perfect.
What if this helpless generation aged at hundred?
What mark would be left behind, to be a talk in the next hundred years?
Now what if weed is only uprooting sense?
What if you fall in love?
Will there be someone to help you rise?
What if love till death do us part exists?
What if you knew how to safeguard a heart?
Will it still be a tool to spearhead and crash?
What if staying in love needs a strong prayer?
Something that you can afford, even a tax payer?
So what if success was climbing the Everest?
How high would you have reached?
Or will you get lost and wander in the forest?
What if the world was fair?
Would it treat and give us an equal measure?
What if I am addressing the wrong audience?
What if the right answers don’t even exist?



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