Fist Fight

It surprises me and a lot of my friends that I have never been in a fist fight. That I have never balled up my fingers and hit someone or something. Well, maybe not the last part. I have hit many things, among them walls, but that’s a story for another time. Now, to be … Continue reading Fist Fight


You stopped calling, I stopped expecting, You never say hi, I never say hello, You don’t check up, I don’t long for it, When you abandon, should I also? You call me hero, I call you heroin, I cry on your shoulder, you cry on mine, You are my greatest fan, I am yours, When … Continue reading REACTION


You see there are nights when there is nothing else to do but to watch anime. Yes anime, I know its not the best time to bring this up, but another man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I will not go over the details since I know there are a lot of sketchy characters waiting … Continue reading TO SIMP OR NOT TO SIMP


Out of the blue, You said you loved me, The love was so far away, So I reached out, But then I died. I was so happy, And determined, I had adrenaline, And so I chased, But then I died. I went to CMC, Got some wheels, Spun to your home, Almost hooted, But then … Continue reading I DIED


Dear dad, I want that rare fatherly love. The scarce times when you tell me that you love me: that’s what I want. I don’t want you to handle me like a tray of eggs in a bumpy road. You can break me, teach me, let me understand what it is to survive in this … Continue reading DEAR DAD

Train Tales I

Originally posted on The Social Antidote:
The Standard Gauge Railway. Dubbed as the most expensive project since independence I had a lot of expectations for this experience. Probably you might’ve have already guessed how this went. Same ending like any grand mega super-duper multi billion project we’ve had in Kenya. Blatant smoke blowing that’s as…

Of White Cats and Black Dots

Podcast version now available if you don’t have the time to read. It’s still in the trial phase. Let us know in the comments if podcasts are your jam, and if you’d like us to upgrade to actual humans reading out the posts. Thanks 😊. Back to scheduled programming. In the before, I never really … Continue reading Of White Cats and Black Dots


When you don’t see me, know I’m in the orchestraListening to the wafting sound of the bass guitarRhyme with the frequency of my relentless heartbeatWho knew what it takes is just a pull of some strings?Where’s your love? When you don’t see me, know I’m in the orchestraMarvelling at the highs and lows of the … Continue reading WHERE IS YOUR LOVE


There’s something about making mistakes. Mistakes occur all the time. But you see, a mistake made in private isn’t such big of a deal. You’ll submit the wrong answer for a question privately to your teacher and it’ll only be you and he would know that you’re struggling with Data Structures and Algorithm. You’ll cook … Continue reading Bi-tentional

I Did Not Scream

by Kilyungi I hate pain. I guess everyone does. I also hate waiting. And when these two combine, there’s always bound to be a disaster of some sort. I also hate hospitals. That’s a lot of hate. I dislike, not hate. Hate is such a strong word I’m beginning to hate ‘hate’, the word. It’s … Continue reading I Did Not Scream

Uko wapi

“Uko wapi?” Someone texted just a while ago. I have been told time and again that the answer to this question is entirely dependent on who is asking and where they are asking it from. I am from replying this text and I can’t help but smile because I’m at three different places. My mom … Continue reading Uko wapi


In a few seconds I’ll tell you a tale As time flies by it won’t remain stale There once was a person who broke alot He had a few pieces but nothing he got He tried some fixes but all in vain The wind flew by and his pieces were slain He met some people … Continue reading AGAIN

African Creed

I believe in one Africa The mother of the black man And in one sprit of freedom Which unites all happy people. I believe that Africa Was and will always be A home of happy and united people She died during colonial epoch, She rose again in a new life Only to find, Then, she … Continue reading African Creed