African Creed

I believe in one Africa

The mother of the black man

And in one sprit of freedom

Which unites all happy people.

I believe that Africa

Was and will always be

A home of happy and united people

She died during colonial epoch,

She rose again in a new life

Only to find,

Then, she was kidnapped

By her own sons.

I believe in the liberation,

Liberation of her oppressed people

In the final stage of the resurrection

I believe in the eternity of the black race

The oneness of the black people

Africa oh! My land

The nations look up to you

For the answer

You are the most durable of them all

In the beginning

Your sons gave the solutions in courting

Building, governing and writing

Oh! Smooth black Africa

But British so loved Africa

That she sent her sons and daughters

To abolish the slave trade

But then good Britain, why did you colonise us

You and your brothers stayed too long

At day break

Darkness cleared

But you wanted to sleep on the warm bed

Go! Go, before everybody is awake

Go! I whisper to you

My love!

It’s a great shame go!

As for slavery

Tell me which is worse

A man takes you away from your home,

To a strange land

He says plough and plant

Harvest and store in my granary

Or a man comes to your house and stays

And he says

Worship the queen for she is glorious

Give unto her what belongs not to God

Her will be done in Nairobi

As it is done in London

Which should worry you now

Colonization by your own brother

Or by the Great Britain?



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