In a few seconds I’ll tell you a tale

As time flies by it won’t remain stale

There once was a person who broke alot

He had a few pieces but nothing he got

He tried some fixes but all in vain

The wind flew by and his pieces were slain

He met some people along the way

The tides were turning for a better day

He thought his puzzle was ready to go

But little did he know it was all a show

Filled with rage, anger and madness

He broke his castle full of sadness

He felt broken depressed and lost

The abyss only held darkness and frost

For him the world was colder than ice

But his fire inside was ready to ignite

With a burning desire he stood once more

Met a few more people down the road

Heart was filled with happiness and joy

Faced everything with the fervor of a boy

The flow of time again hit the shore

The faces he knew were not there anymore

But this time he didn’t feel down

He rebuild his castle and put on his crown.



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