Out of the blue,

You said you loved me,

The love was so far away,

So I reached out,

But then I died.

I was so happy,

And determined,

I had adrenaline,

And so I chased,

But then I died.

I went to CMC,

Got some wheels,

Spun to your home,

Almost hooted,

But then I died.

You loved cards,

Game changed to hearts,

And so I played mine,

Nearly won,

But then I died.

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Our love was dead,

I loved you,

But then I died.

Life, not a bed of roses,

But yours was,

So I perched on one,

It was a fly trap,

And so I died.

Now I’m dead,

I feel good!

Paradise at last!

I wanted out,

So I died.



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