To Desire

Are we lost to desire?

Are we wrong to yearn?

Are we hard-pressed to want?

It is hard, indeed, to say.

Feeling a deep urge, you know how profoundly ridiculous it is.

You’d hate to subject yourself to the rigours of a game you’re all

too familiar with.

You’re plagued by a sickening notion of things you see and live.

Call them visions, call you crazy,

but you’re compelled to think diversely and see it as reality,

mirrored and displayed perfectly before your very eyes.

You feel that “plans” aren’t real, they’re simply convictions.

Convictions that something will happen, yet in full knowledge of opposing factors bound to take wing.

Your wishes seem freaks of fate.

Things “happen” and “take place” but you don’t take place for them.

You feel you don’t deserve to desire, for desire is as strong an emotion as it is a word.

It contains just as much feeling as the actual goal.

It’s a gift; a voucher; a ticket to the actual thing.

To wish is to dare to want, and to dare is to risk.

One yearns with their heart, and possibly soul, which comes with foreboding.

The soul’s food is what it yearns for.

Take that away or risk its lacking, and, well, hunger strikes.

The polar opposite of this is a beautiful, beautiful phenomenon.

Thus, to want, to wish, to dare, to cherish, to feel and to desire, is to be human.



One thought on “To Desire

  1. Are we wrong to yearn?
    Put it different, are we wrong to yearn to earn?
    Guess I can take you on your word and consider yearning to be as human as breathing.

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