The Leveler

Funny though it was,

That he owned tens of bungalows,

And a myriad of material possessions,

But when the leveler came calling,

This factors did not come into play.

He always got what he wanted,

Through covert and overt means and had corrupted many,

The leveler though was true and honest to duty,

He executed his duty with pinpoint accuracy and,

No amounts of pennies would stop him from pursuing his cause.

He now stood before the chief leveler and executioner-death-,

His deeds must be weighed and proof of innocence thereof be beyond reasonable doubt,

But before then, he had a  death-bed wish,

That his ashes be spread across the Indian ocean, just upfront his favorite Diani beach resort,

He couldn’t wait for hell’s fire –If there is any such a place anyway-.

Tears and trauma amid wails accompanied his final journey,

As the last ritual was performed in the crematorium,

That he owned a lot did not matter now,

His fate intertwined with that of the poor and destined,

For LIMBO where there is no special reservation for the rich.



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