A mess we found ourselves in,

Not by default but by want,

We talk rather than walk the talk,

We blame rather than take the blame,

We fake when we can’t,

We cower when we fail,

How then will we escape,

The jaws of this dark evil?

I ask how and all I hear is my echo,

No one sees me, none hear me,

We see only money and money only,

We ask answers whereas we are solutions,

In the shadows we shout,

In the light silence speaks,

We await appointment

Yet I ask you, yes you,

Why not appoint yourself?

A wake up call to all,

A reminder to the forgetful,

Much said about inferiority,

There is a way out of it,

Let’s compensate for lost time,

And dig deep to recover our former glory.

It’s procrastination, this dark evil,

Through which much has been lost!

  • Kilyungi

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