Of Sounds

Dulcet are the rhythm and blues

That chase away the blues

Creating moments of complete bliss

Arousing fantasies of calculated moves on hardwood floors

And wishes for a rewind to the good old times

Say a bit of house whether in a cave or a house

That grants energy even to the resident mouse

Often conveying the message that we only live once

And regardless of state gets you to take the chance

On that space to bounce

For the soul at times makes do with a sprinkle of calypso

Just a spontaneous virtual trip to Trinidad and Tobago

Free of charge not even a potato

With some good vibes and to top it all a free cardio

Possible even in the comfort of your patio

Relaxing much is the atmosphere around jazz

An offer of serenity far away from the conventional buzz

A powerful set of blue notes that clear all the brain fuzz

Collections of unique compositions far from musical razzmatazz

Easy does it for it so much that you lack a quiz

Presenting matters pertaining soul

Soul is soul because it has got soul beyond control

With originality and depth that requires no brawl

Into the corners of a broken heart it does crawl

Granting joy in a measure more than just a bowl….

-Bevtime stories.


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