Class In Session

Aren’t you tired?

Believing their lies as if you are wired,

Spending each night sad as if you just got fired,

Lemme tell you a story and hope you get inspired.

They fell in love and to him she was priceless,

Talking and hanging out from dusk to dawn for she was his princess,

His first love, his one and only, to him every other thing was meaningless,

Presents, hugs, kisses, time, attention, love, everything she asked for she receiveth.

But you know how the story goes I bet, because most of us have lived it,

Six months later he called and texted but all she said was ‘sorry I guess I missed it’,

He sent her ten texts but all he got back was one which read ‘could you send 200bob I really need it’,

Because to her this was what she did, look for the gold and now it was time to mine it.

Crying into his pillow or disguising tears in the shower the boy was heartbroken,

His great love he thought oh how he was horribly mistaken,

And as usual the boys came in cheered him up, told him it would be alright for their comrade needed his spirit raised up,

And even though it was hard, he had had enough, to protect his heart and mind he knew the right thing was to break up.

Ten months later our Romeo had moved on marvellously,

The guy who skipped so merrily has learnt to tiptoe carefully,

For in these dangerous streets they will steal your heart and rip it aggressively,

For they don’t care, if you don’t look after yourself take a seat and you’ll learn from this brutal universe.

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