I want you to know, that you probably don’t deserve it

You deserve it.  Work hard, your dreams are valid. you’re meant to have it.  

It sounds like the words of a mother reassuring their child yes? A parent can always see the stars in their child’s eyes after all, and they spare no effort in letting them know about it. Needless to say, affirmations go a very long way in sculpting a child’s psyche, after all, how would you go about project Obama without believing “Yes we can!”. And we really can, as long as we put in the effort, but therein lies the rub.

When Lupita said your dreams are valid, she certainly didn’t mean that they’ll come looking for you, lying on your mother’s couch, munching Doritos and binging tv shows. But that seems to be exactly what our Z generation took it as. The Z might as well mean zilch, for the amount of effort our generation is pouring into achieving the grandiose lives we all dream off. And boy do we dream a lot, dreaming actually seems to be most of what we do with our time.

A general day for the average 20-year-old in this day and age will be to wake up, make themselves breakfast and step into Instagram, eating while scrolling through pictures of others food and extravagant vacations. This will continue for majority of the day, when motivation for reading ends, they will go to reddit to whine and moan with a community of other people with little to no motivation. At lunch they’ll once again go back to Instagram to dream about the physiques of people on the beach in Miami or Malibu. All the while our good friend, a pack- of –chips (Read like a-pimp-named-slick back) is forever close to their heart (and mouth). At night they will complain on twitter about how life is so unfair.

So far, I figure you feel attacked, Good, that’s the idea.  The current situation isn’t doing us any favors, what with a veritable torrent of information pouring in from all corners of the world.  In the way most of us are using it, the internet has become a massive black hole of motivation.  Instead of paying for a Gym subscription isn’t it much more fun to follow muscle bound hunks? Of course, it is but how is that of any help to you. In as much as you rant everyday on the net about getting the bag, you need to ask yourself if even that bag of chips in your hand was bought by your money.

That’s just the environment we are living in in this day and age. I’ve yet to even get to the broken brain mechanics of, us, the people leaving in this day and age. I want you to think clearly about what your reaction would be if someone told you age. didn’t deserve something, even the most mundane thing, like say a dress. You would almost certainly go off your rocker, asking them what right they have to dictate what you do and don’t deserve.  A very light bit of scrutiny, would show however that one is unlikely to have even put a smidgeon of effort into achieving or owning said thing. Just, however, the insinuation of someone not deserving something in this day and age is almost certain to initiate outrage and persecution of the insinuator akin to the Salem witch trials.

The most bizarre aspect of this phenomenon is that no one seems to find it a problem that people are less and less involved in their own lives and more and more enamored with those of other.  Try and imagine your grandparent’s reaction as you explain porn to them. No seriously, explain to them why watching people engage in sex through a screen is more satisfying than going out and courting a girl of your dreams. Or easier yet, explain to them why even playing video games (which they already find inexplicable) is too tasking for you and you would rather watch someone else do it.

You’re triggered? Good.  You are by no means entitled to an explanation (codling) from me, but if this article irks you enough to cause you to actively change your habits, even if only to prove me wrong, I’ll consider my purpose achieved. I play dirty, sue me.

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