Exercise Your Love Muscle

 Do you ever look at an incredibly fit person and just go, wow!? I mean it’s incredible what working out does for someone. When its someone you’re close to for example, and they pick up a gym habit and stick with it you get a front seat to the transformation. They get leaner, the muscles pop, their faces gain facial definition, instantly increasing their face value. If they’re around you enough you can even compile a nice little training montage in your head to some hard Kanye music.

And the transformation is never just skin deep, (please bear with my erratic science). Working out increases your dopamine levels (that’s that chemical that makes you happy that they haven’t been able to make into a pill yet) and reduces cortisol (stress inducing hormone). It effectively makes you a happier, less stressed person.  As you work out more and more you increase your confidence, self-esteem and general level of well being and drive, leading you to work out, even more! It forms a nice little virtuous cycle.

Now despite all my gushing about the house of gains, I’m imagining a different sort of exercise. I want you to exercise your love muscle. No, not that love muscle (pull your mind out of the gutter). See, I was having a nice pot of tea, and my mind wandered, as it tends to do every so often and I began wondering, what if you could treat your soul (or spirit, or anima, or aura etc.) as a muscle and train it to perpetually remain in a particular frequency, that being love.

Morning affirmations have become quite the thing in the self-care community, but for the majority of us it feels utterly ridiculous to wake up every morning and tell yourself that you are greatest alive, or the loveliest human being you know. This is probably because somewhere, deep down in the lake that is your subconscious you really don’t believe that you are these things.  There is that lake monster called insecurity lurking in the depths waiting to drag all of your thoughts of wellness and confidence under, Loch ness monster style.

Now, the big what if. Imagine training yourself every single day, to be on a frequency of love, kindness and abundance every day. You almost definitely won’t believe what you’re telling yourself at the beginning, same as you never see any gains in the gym after one day’s work out. Now imagine after a month, you’ve told yourself all these nice things, you still don’t believe it, but at least you’re used to hearing them, they take up a nice small chunk of your brain.

Fast forward two years in and the thoughts of self-love and self-worth are overwhelmingly more than the negative thoughts in your head, you can now be considered to have a very healthy love muscle. In this situation of well and truly loving yourself, situations that would shake your sense of self worth in the past hardly phase you. You radiate joy and peace in your life, and it can be seen by everyone around you. At this point in time evil little Mr. insecurity monster has gotten Stockholm syndrome and is instead working towards driving you to achieve your goals and level up as a person constantly.

It won’t be easy of course, but then no muscle has ever been easy to train especially not your love muscle (yes ill make sure this term sticks in your head) but the end result is always incredible. Imagine yourself becoming an emotional Arnold Schwarzenegger and saying “I’ll be back baby!” every time you have a situation you can’t handle, and then you come back bigger and with way more guns. Now if all will excuse me, that pot of tea Is getting cold, Ciao.

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