Now And Forever


My demon fairy’s wings are a deep purple,

A mix of the darker hues of red and blue,

Floating around my innermost thoughts,

Amongst the doubts and fears, of all that could go wrong,

Or otherwise come true

The monster under my bed is her friend,

Though I can only feel his gaze through the blankets,

And his silhouette in the dimmest rays at the darkest corner of my room,

But I’m sure you’ll say, it’s all in my head.

Did you know the cupid’s painted blind?

Explains a lot about love does it?

About I,

About you,

About how I fell head over heels for you,

About how we got lost in each other,

Yet never felt so found altogether,

About all the red flags I never saw,

Because through my rose colored glasses you…

Could only rhyme with blue me,

And about how we can’t see us being drawn apart,

 By the same gavel that sealed our hearts.

“Your honor in this same court

Words were uttered that legally bond

“In sickness and in health till death do us apart”

Though nowhere mentions of what goes first

We assume the groom or the spiteful bride

But never the marriage that often dies

And what was so purely divine

Ferments like grapes on old vines

A bitter sweet red wine

That would commemorate such fateful divide

So grant the cheers your honor

Rest this case,

Divide the estates

For they are drinking as singles this day”

I’ve fallen in places there wasn’t no landing…no gravity,

My demon fairy read me sleeping beauty…was only two,

Musing about jumping from make believe heights to you,

Slaying the chasm of chaos inside that hushed my pleas for you,

Breaking chains of the differences between my world before and after it belonged to you,

The charming… the rough edges… the true

That brought together the prodigy I’d kill to behold…you.

Remember when we first met?

When we first locked eyes?

And didn’t have a second thought?

When we third wheeled our friends’ dates,

At a four figure cost?

When we got married on the fifth of the sixth,

And tenderly vowed that would be our seventh heaven?

When we were the couple of the year for the past eight years?

And finally joined in holy matrimony and binding oaths,

“I hereby pronounce you……”


Three most dangerous words…. deception, war and love,

The latter births the others…or rather the lack thereof,

Husband dear…I am a Goddess of the dark,

Poisonous claws

Enchantingly eyes

Be careful not to lose your sight,

The ignorance and innocence of your love burns in your eyes,

But I knew it no longer would

If you opened and peered to my hollow soul,

Listened to the silent torment of my fast dying hope,

Unshed tears and lucid nightmares

Would turn your fire to a block of snow.

Reaching to twirl my ring around to ease the hurt,

A spinning head and a torn heart

The noise and blur of color doesn’t lessen the pain of its remembered absence,

Takes me back to your first utterance



You said you loved me, remember?

And all I did was love you

You said you always would….

Always did

My head is buzzing maybe I’ve had too much to drink,

I probably need more booze, I’m starting to think

Stupid tears! I’m not crying over too good to be true,

For even in my winning

I lost my greatest bidding

They didn’t remember where they were

But knew where they wanted to be,

Shaking fingers typed out their truth,

Words they said but never thought they meant

And as they both pressed send

To their audacious drunken texts

They realized now that they actually do,

“Want now and forever with you.”

To dawn when regrets are due

By Her & Him


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