Reminiscence I

For about an hour now I have been staring at this little boy. He is cladded in a deep blue dungaree with a cherry red shirt. One of the straps seems to have come off but that catches less attention when you notice he has only one sandal on. The other, in the wide pocket in front of his denim dungaree for reasons best known to him. His hair is a grainy mess. One that his dad would call “pojo”(that’s green grams you literates). And on his right hand he clutches a bright red pinpop with its wrap intentionally half way done away with. Quite the young economist when you realize he does this so as by the time he’s licked off the one side clean he technically still has a “brand new” side. And later he would come back to it in the dead of night and like a thief, be able to steal his little heaven of banned satisfaction. Explains most stains in his bed sheet but that’s his little not so much of a secret for he got whipped a couple of times. His clothes being a bit soiled would probably be an understatement but I would have to say it highlighted his pearl white smile and bright eyes even more. And as he leans in with one arm against the wall with his legs also crossed in a young Casanova pose, not sure where he picked that from, you couldn’t mistake the excitement in the young “boss”. “Wewe…. sitakuita Tena!!” Ahhh…. Mothers.

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