Reminiscence II: When God Becomes A Comedian

“Dear Younger Me….”

I take a look at the crispy white blank paper and try to gather my thoughts for one last time. Every minute turns out to be as daunting as a blinking cursor as I did not know where to start but it had to be where it was. Winking ever so sadistically but fairly spaced out in it’s intervals like synchronized monochromes. Perhaps I could begin with the time I got chased down by monkeys just to learn a lesson on always having your carrier bag. Or the masterclass I got on stealing when I picked a mango that had apparently been dropped by a barrel of monkeys and they decided that class would be in session. Or probably just start off with an advice to stay off monkeys all together because as I found out a little later, this time when they got hold of my sister’s feet, it’s probably a generational feud. Genetics. Or maybe I should be a little useful and give him a piece of advice and tell him not to turn right and startle the German canines at the next junction while making his escape. Because sometimes, life puts on a show and God becomes a comedian.

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