Sinful Flames

Lust. A rather slippery, sticky word, just hearing it feels like it brings you back to the beginning of time, and you can see the Devil, in all his serpentine glory, seducing poor Naïve eve to indulge in the sweetness of the forbidden fruit.  The feeling itself certainly comes with an energy to ram through all your inhibitions and somewhere close enough you can hear that age old voice “Partake, Indulge, enjoy.”  Now personally I think we give the devil too much credit for all the chaos and destruction we bring unto ourselves but hey, everyone needs a hobby.

Lust can even be called a devil on its own considering all its driven great people through history to do, for example Nero, fiddling while Rome burned and the infamous seduction of Ceaser by Cleopatra “A flirt worth an empire.’’ I like to call it. And of course, there are us, arguably lesser men with almost no more inhibitions left in “THE year of our lord 2021” where sex is quite literally, shoved in your face for most of your day.  

I can’t help but liken the feeling of lust to a snake because that is how it feels like, it uncoils and slithers upwards from the base of your spine to the crown of your head, your internal body temperature increases so sharply that in extreme cases you find yourself fearing spontaneous combustion. Your mouth runs dry and your eyes widen to capture as much of the object, because that is how you are viewing this other party at this moment, as an object, in your brain to feed the uncoiled and flaming dragon.

Its comical really, that once you begin to contemplate with a clear head what it was exactly that set you ablaze and fanned the flames in you, you will find utterly and truly mundane. A few curves here, a slip of revealed skin here, a giggle or two there and those embers you thought safely buried under the ash that is quite literally all other worldly responsibilities comes back afire, and woe unto whoever gets in the way of this fires quenching.

Everyone has their own, Novel ways to appease or slay the proverbial dragon but frankly, hardly any of us really ever want to. There is a certain power from the depths of your soul that awakens when the flame burns, it drives one to do follow wherever the blaze leads them to, slaves and willing ones at that, to its bidding.  And why not, we are but animals aren’t we? But philosophers will argue otherwise. All I know is that I find this, seemingly arcane energy fascinating and its effects comical to say the least. At the very least, it’ll cause to never run out of entertainment, as I sip my ginger tea.

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