Your Honor

Your Honor our new normal dictates that to be part of the world today, we can’t truly live in it, we just have to sit down and watch it from a distance, and watch it through our foggy glasses because we can’t breathe properly through our masks. We are only forced to come out to clean up after the virus that still lingers around as if it hasn’t done enough. And while everyone has millions of questions to ask, I only have one…why?

Ladies and gentlemen court is in session, in the case of the people versus the virus, and I have a lot to say. Firstofo, this is my story so I can do whatever I want in it, that includes but is not limited to appointing myself as the people’s lawyer, and here are my qualifications;

  -I don’t go with crowds-I fall under the one percent of people that never watched even a single episode of Game of Thrones,

  -I am used to disappointments-if you tried watching ‘The Office’ because Sarush keeps hyping it up then you know what I mean by disappointments, and finally

  -I don’t lie- except when I told Vic I’m not in love with my ex so she’d stop bothering me…Victoria we huboo by the way and I’m not sorry I lied, and why Vic and not Vicky…

Your Honor if it pleases the court I would like to continue making my case…

Why does she listen to music at 3 am, singing along to ka uko sawa mi Niko sawa, her pillow drenched in tears and her heart feeling like it’s being folded into knots, yet she didn’t know him that well? Your Honor if you ask her she’ll claim it is love, and love it was at first, before it turned to lies, and if you confront him he’ll claim everyone lies; pastors and their mbegu ya 310, Politicians and their everything, teachers who told us to work hard in high school so we won’t have to struggle in Campus, conductors and their Tao ni 80 but you’ll all pay 100 bob only to be left miles away from town, mama mboga with the hio avocado ni fresh sana customer while the big green fly on it is saying otherwise, and so on. And your Honor he’s not lying, but had he told her earlier, we wouldn’t have laid her to rest yesterday. Your Honor let the records show that hers is just one of many lives claimed by love.

Why did he leave so soon? Your Honor the man was deployed before I even got to call him Dad. He survived ten years in war and another ten in captivity only to come back and succumb to this virus. I can’t help but think that had he loved mom and I enough, he wouldn’t have left us twenty years ago and he would still be here. Your Honor I didn’t know him that well, but he was my father, and I loved him. On your orders, mom and I went to stay with Uncle Sal those twenty years ago, because of which I’ve grown up with this emptiness inside. A void that could only be filled by a father’s approval, but in all those years the only words he ever said to me were “boy go call your mother”. A fine prize to pay for trying to love someone like a father.

Your Honor if opposing council were around, they’d shoot up with the famous, “Objection, your Honor, relevance?” And being you, you would ask what all this has to do with our case against the virus.

Here’s what I’d say, Your Honor, we see pandemic, it sees opportunity. Opportunity to lock us down together, to push us closer together so we see each other more often, entertain each other more and love each other more. Your Honor this is a case of the people versus the virus, and of the people versus the virus love. Each as dangerous as the other. Now let me remind you all that I’m not even a lawyer, I have never even seen a day of law school, but if asked, your Honor, I’d say live, love and love again. Why? Because you don’t know when you’ll run out of time, and two just because your Honor, just because…

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