Lip Service

Do you ever sit down and wonder how many beautiful damsels fell for Shakespeare’s lines or is this a sign that I should lay off the ginger tea? No, but seriously, though, we’ve been using his lines to hit on each other for the past few hundred years (well those with some culture anyway) and they still work, doesn’t make you imagine how much more effective they must have been coming from the master wordsmith himself?

It’s always fascinating how far words, be they praises, amorous conversations and all manner of sweet nothings go in the process of procuring a soulmate. wordsmithing is so important in fact that it is nearly impossible, without the skill to convince another party that your fate together is written in the stars and not just in your numerous daydreams about them when you have nothing important to do and your blood flows in the wrong direction.

It makes you wonder about love and relationships… (and all other sorts of pointless things that a 21st century philosopher would think about) and just how shallow they are if they can be created and broken so easily via simple, sweet, lip service.   The fact that lack of meaning and substance is almost the defining characteristic of well put together “sweet nothings.” brings into question the validity of almost if not all 20th century love stories.

The advantage though is the ease of getting laid brought about by good lip service. In this “Wham bam bang and scram! “modern reality of ours where even an advertisement for a church sermon touches areas of your soul you didn’t know existed, even they shyest person will be forced to turn into a wordsmith with honeyed words so sweet even cupid himself would blush to hear them.

Looking at it from such a perspective the art of lip service can be considered a gift from God to all the hapless males of the world, without beautiful words after all, how would we survive in this world where god spent his sweet sweet time sculpting members of the fairer sex, making them so alluring that even the angels in heaven had to come down and get themselves a piece of the pie. (No lie, it’s in the bible, check it out)

I like to think that if the imperial teachers in the old roman empire dedicated a subject called (‘’ Exquisite words to woo damsels “Caesar probably would not have lost his brain under cleopatra’s skirt. heck, if you stretch it, Nero probably would have a much enjoyable time wooing court ladies and aristocratic daughters, and Rome might not have had to burn.

In essence, on the contemplation of Lip service, no one can ever be too sure whether we should proclaim Shakespeare, Shaw and all other wordsmiths of their caliber saints or sit and get struck by existential dread over the evident and pointlessness of our modern-day romances, but then again, isn’t that why we have good tea?

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