The Battle Of The Sexes

Its 2020, the era when the feminist movement is in full swing. Equality, which was once seemed like a pipe dream conjured by hippies on ayahuasca, has seen significant strides towards fulfillment. It’s not here yet, but it’s definitely closer than it was when the suffragettes started wearing trousers to prove a point, that women are every bit as capable as their male counterparts, and they look better to boot. Now despite the magnitude of the impact brought about by the ideological change brought by the movement, well you know what they say about too much of a good thing….

The society, in its drive towards equality, seems to have forgotten to chill, collectively sip some tea, and well and truly contemplate the meaning of the concept of equality in the context of this eternal war of the sexes. The bullish rush towards the far-off utopia of equality, with its gates gilded in the gold of collective satisfaction has instead left us drinking the bland soup of sameness.

I do so truly love playing the devil’s advocate, but I’m struck with an inexplicable certainty that, should I at a point descend to hell, even the king of lies himself would be confused as to why creatures with blatantly obvious differences in characteristics endeavor so hard to lie to themselves that they are same. There is light to darkness, there is energy to matter, there is spirit to flesh. I would hate to believe that the unfathomable cosmic algorithm, or bored deity, depending on direction of belief, that birthed the world, created everything in due perfection and then completely forgot their own, well established laws of polarity and created man as directionless, hodgepodges of energy, inconveniently placed in the polar opposite vessels of man and woman.

The ancient Taoist sages, enlightened masters of arguably the longest enduring civilization to date, seem to hold the same opinions of me.  In Daoist teachings, Women are considered as beings of Yin energy, they were considered as harboring almost endless reserves of nourishing energy, with reserves vast as oceans, surging with their emotional tides as they rise and ebb. Men are considered beings of yang energy, they embody the positive energy of the cosmos, flames that burn hard and fast, illuminating the universe and with little control, razing all to dust in the wake of their loss of control.

If anything, at the very least the natures of the male and female orgasms align perfectly with this cosmic principle of polar energy movements. A rather vulgar allusion I know, but accurate nonetheless, and in this era where nothing can get screen time without a smidgeon of sex involved, I say if you can’t beat them, join them. Now based on the arcane science of fucking, its no wonder that men so lacking in yang, masculine, energy are unable to trigger the waves of feminine energy embodied by their women, it is in essence, trying to boil an ocean with a matchstick. We’ve all heard of the legendary one-minute men, I think that is exactly how long it takes a lit match to burn out no?

Human beings are complete systems in and of themselves, they are thus born with adequate balance of both yin and yang energies. Generally, men are born with an abundance of positive masculine yang energy and women with an abundance of all encompassing, nourishing yin energy. A congenital imbalance is represented in men with more feminine characteristics in mild cases and those with gender dysphoria at the limit.

There is no excuse however for men born with perfectly balanced male energies to consciously negate their masculine traits. Toxic masculinity does not arise from an abundance of masculine energy nor from numerous cultivated masculine traits, it arises from men having no purpose, as mentioned before, a fire out of control will burn all it touches, and woe be unto those in the vicinity for even a match can start a forest fire. A man, in conscious suppression of his divinely granted male essence is like repeatedly smashing a hammer against the edge of his sword in an effort to shape himself closer to a chalice.

In essence, one gender should neither envy the other nor try to engage in the self-defeating effort of futile emulation. Finding true balance and incarnating the dragon and the phoenix, the divine masculine and feminine energies within us all is the true path of fulfillment. What could be more wonderful than loosing yourself in the tete’ a tete’ between the sexes and discussing epiphanies born from it over a pot of oolong. But one can only dream.

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