The You That Lives In your Head.

Everybody has an inner voice, whether it has a Kikuyu accent, speaks Chinese or has a weird love for sarcasm that contrasts with your otherwise gentle (or at least you think so) exterior. Maybe due to the structuring of the laws of the universe its rather hard to lie to your own self, in which case, when one’s psyche develops Stockholm syndrome for their insecurities then that requires targeted psychiatric intervention.

People always acknowledge the voice but seldom pay attention to the source. In as much as people would hate to admit it, everyone has that version of them that lives in their head, their true them. The true self is a rather shy fellow, clean, untainted and unwilling to conform to societal programming so they come out to play in the actual world very rarely, and boy do they love to play. Sometimes they come out I the shower, when no one is watching and their favorite song is playing on the stereo, or when that last, tasty morsel of their favorite food blesses their palate after a long fulfilling day.

It’s not always fun and games though, sometimes they come out when the material self has been bruised and battered by life and there is hardly any point of hiding any more. The true self is very Wiley and will cooperate with the material self to hide very deeply and show another image to others. Sometimes it’s a self-protection mechanism and sometimes it’s a purely manipulative endeavor, but one thing remains common with both the true and material selves, nobody likes being stuffed inside something for too long.

Sometimes, a person stifles their true self in order to fit in with a specific group of people, the degree varies depending on the individuals innate acting skills and their commitment to the (almost always nefarious) agenda that causes them to act as such. In the process such people run a risk of identity based cognitive dissonance, and once something pierces their carefully blown bubble, the true self comes out with a vengeance, and those traits that they saw fit to suppress express themselves with an almost supernatural energy.

In as much as stifling one’s true self is hard, authenticity can be just as hard, if not harder. In a society where someone a continent over feels entitled to judge someone based on a pimple on their face that they saw over a screen, being your true, probably un- exquisite self can be torturous. But nothing worth having was ever really so simple to achieve.

Hardly anyone cares about truth and authenticity anymore, when you can spritz and paint on some glam and transcend who you truly are through layers and layers, but copper coated in gold is still copper , so you might as well be happy with your copper no? Or is that just the insanity in my tea? Who knows, to each their own.


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