For love, by love

Sharon, Sharon get up. I understand that you are confused right now, but everything will make sense soon. That right there is you, your physical body that is, trying to recover from a bullet wound. My name is not that important, just know that I am related to Cupid, and yes I am in the family business, but unlike my cousin I actually show people what love truly is. Now follow me, let’s see how you got here, and help you identify your shooter.

First stop, Monday June 11th, Downtown Police Station, where your ‘boyfriend’ Steve is being interrogated.

Nobody: Situation?

Somebody: Lead poisoning.

Nobody: Again…give me the deets.

Somebody: Perp’s name is Steven Insignificant, key suspect in the shooting of one Miss Sharon, she owns a salon downtown. Single shot to the thigh, close range. Ballistics are yet to confirm the weapon used.

Nobody: Robbery gone wrong?

Somebody: Why don’t you ask him yourself.

Nobody:(entering the interrogation room)Hello Steven, I am Detective Nobody. The nice officer who brought you in is my partner, Detective Somebody. So Mr Insignificant, let me get this straight, you walked into the salon last night, a couple of minutes to 8 for whatever reason we don’t know yet, got your business done, paid the nice lady, even tipped generously I hear, then you shot her. What am I missing here? Why, why did you do it?

Steve: I didn’t do it.

Nobody: I didn’t do it, every criminals motto.

I didn’t do it, heard that Sharon, he didn’t do it. So who did?

Next stop, Saturday 9th, Sage Motel room two hundred forty five, sounds familiar? Remember what he said when you asked him what his favorite love story was;

Sharon: What’s uhm, your favorite love story?

Steve: Love story, like Romeo and Juliet..

Sharon: Yes, what’s your favorite?

Steve: My favorite love story has to be…well I can’t tell it yet. Its not yet complete because the Angels in charge of our love life are taking their sweet time, comparing notes over a glass of stardust and laughing at the numerous times we’ve come so close to getting away together and one of them decides to change the script. My favorite love story is the story of our love, and it is written here(pointing to his heart). See Sharon, written in my heart is everything you want to hear, pages upon pages of everything I hold dear and you countless times in every page appear. Written in fine print between the lines of those pages is every reason why I keep all this to myself, why we keep this a secret, and every reason why to everyone else you and I are just that- you and I, strangers. Even though I can’t speak of our love out there it still exists, our unspoken kind of love.

Our unspoken kind of love, I like the sound of that and according to that smile you had there, you must have loved it. Our unspoken kind of love, but was that what you signed up for when you started all this?

Final stop, follow me. Recognize this place?

The backdoor to your salon. Sunday the 10th, the day of the shooting. Time to find out who the perpetrator is, but before you go in, I want you to know this; I know you thought that walking out of whatever it is the two of you had was good for everyone. I know he told you he couldn’t leave his girlfriend because they were expecting their first child, but Sally isn’t expectant. You are, but forget about that for now, the doctor will tell you when you wake up. It was always meant to be a temporary thing anyway, ‘no strings attached’ you called it. Now look at yourself, being the bigger person and sacrificing your happiness for the well being of others.

Three final things as I leave; the strings always attach, it doesn’t pay to be nice and he did it- he shot you. Now go ahead, go inside and find out why he did it…

Shot by her love, for love.


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