Peace of mind

Click twice and maybe my wish will come true, still hoping to God He sees it through, it’s like a cycle back and forth trying to figure it out you know fix it,

see it starts with a sound so i have to look, then comes a little voice and it gets me hooked, takes note of it yeah its sounds good,

must have been the harmonies then comes the bars so i make beat on it, then the rhymes and i get fixed on it, shit just got mental sometimes i just wanna restart but just hits the deep end,

is like i got asthma yet am still breathing, anxiety got my arms glued to the bottom, im blinded to motivation, suffocated locked i cant breathe, am burnt out,tired overwhelmed but i keep running, its this impulse that goes off in my brain,

i go by the day always thinking about later, watching movies created in my mind as my safe space its the only reason am still sane,

my imagination taking a troll on me, they say you cant run away from your fears but what if you climb untill you feel secure and fresh air,away from depression, addiction and the negativity,

my needs if i had a list would be space,silence solitude because silence is beautiful when everyone is screaming.

see i try it aint easy but i do, this state i often visit which is never optional takes whole on me, part of me wish i never go back then the other wish it did, creeps on me like a shadow trying to fill avoid left by my past chasing the present,

Do that reset maybe fix it, somedays are good am glad so I go along with it, creates those happy times you know fantasies, most times it’s me talking to me, making jokes in my head and play the audience in it, damn that laugh feels like a relief,

It’s a desire I have craving that peace of mind


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