Who watches the news?

I do. Not everyday of course. I read somewhere that news is full of toxic, negative energy. Sheesh. Bold words! But I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I like to think my thoughts and actions are simply my own. Rational decisions made after thinking long and hard. I wonder where this part of my brain goes to when I’m staring at incomprehensible words in Lecture Hall 2. Anyway, what matters is I think things through, most of the time. I hope you do too. But I digress.

So I’m watching the news. Not Dr. King’ori, or Amina Abdi. I’m watching the hard stuff. Not the CNN and Aljazeera type though. I’m watching the Lulu Hassan and Swaleh Mdoe type, where the Swahili is more interesting than the news. I can’t wait for Tafakari ya Babu! There’s the usual reporting of death and chaos. Someone stabbed someone and got caught. A dispute between families ending terribly. A lady faked fainting after being caught by the police. The levels of staying Taliban you guy my guy! This mama should give some of us lessons on staying dangerous. But who are police? And then there’s the wheelbarrow affair. When will Kenyans learn? I might be overthinking this news thing though coz I’m seeing Lulu talk in that magnificent voice of hers. What did the wahengas call it? Aaah yes, sauti nyororo kama ninga. Shout out to Google for that. I’m digressing again. Get it together man.

So, by now, you’re probably wondering why I’m talking so much about news. Is there anything new to report? See what I did there. (If you don gerrit, forge’ abou’ it) I have to stop checking out so many memes though. One last one though. I can’t hold it…We don’t have the capacity…sobs… What are the odds you’ve heard that one? Probably high.  If not, don’t worry. Maybe you don’t have the capacity. Hehe.

Why are we gathered here today ladies and gentlemen? To know that I watch news.

Just kidding. (I don’t have the capacity)

I just thought that I’d say a little something because of late I’ve noticed a trend. I know we all have. The number of RIPs has skyrocketed. It’s like a bullish market trend. I hear different people having different says about this, and I wonder which is which. Depression, heartbreak, sickness, the devil. Looking at the news, it’s sad how each news segment must have some form of loss.

Today, beyond Lulu’s voice, and the images of bereaved families left behind, I can see familiar faces. I can see faces of people I once called friends, people my friends called friends, family even, and people I don’t know, but who’s story sounds so familiar. Stories we’ll probably never hear. Because their owners left us too soon. At least, that’s what we say. But only God knows if it really was too soon. Right?

We’re often told to pray, reach out to one another, be kind, even love one another just as much as we love ourselves! But do we love ourselves. Like really love ourselves. We can workout all we want, take supplements, be super healthy, but some sicknesses just take you by surprise. The worst being those you can’t see or even begin to describe. Matters concerning the devil, Christ is my answer, I don’t know about you. I’m a believer, so I trust that my prayers reach God and He answers them in His time.

Ebu kula pause kidogo, because if I decided to expand on all of these topics, we’d probably have a novel here people. Now to the last one.


The ones that be having people crying on the floor, getting lost in places where they’ve been for years, almost getting into accidents and shouting in public. Vanessa why? See, Corinthians tells us love is kind, it always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. But I guess the last part is what happens the most. What we’re all called to do. Persevere.

Then we have other issues that come up. What if it’s not working? What if he/she isn’t the one then? Aaah. Too many questions, too many factors, too many problems, too many solutions. A simple one is we don’t have the capacity. The capacity to endure pain, because essentially, we should be having fun. (Just don’t play with people’s hearts) The capacity to lose more folks. (Who’s gonna impact the world in the unique way that they would have?) The capacity to be brutally honest. (societal norms I see you) The capacity to capacitate even! Some of you would argue we do, but others will rush to the comments and be like kwani tuko nchi ingine.

But on a lighter note though, Kenya won a couple of medals in Zurich the other day, crate challenge is officially over (I didn’t even get to try it. Chest pains. Literally), and then there’s Tiktok. This app should be banned by the way. How do I watch one video at 10AM and then suddenly it’s 2PM?

This has been a rant. A story. A Tafakari ya this babu. (PS: Ukiniita babu ntakufinya) Just check up on your friends and family, listen more, laugh more and let people down slowly for their sakes, and love more. Let’s fix this nation… one heart-heal at a time. Staying dangerous au sio. Haha.

This wisdom is too much. Or is it just stupidity building up? But what do I know. I didn’t really think this through, and Swaleh is about to confuse me with one of his stories! Catch you next time.




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