It was well past midnight
but my night was still bright
my eyes won’t fail me
and only insomnia was at sight
But how could they??
When I was shattered inside

We say walls have ears
But forget windows got the eyes
And even though there were three in the room
With my solitary window in due
It seemed like the whole world was gazing
At the guy that was slowly fazing

“My apologies,” I started
“Nice quote there,” she ranted
The temperatures dropped
And took my heart with it
A gentle dip at first
Then diced and iced

“It hadn’t dawned,” I pleaded
“Get fixed when it does,” she proceeded
It was cold, felt the chills
Thought of residing in a corner – its ninety degrees
Though the gape in my soul couldn’t help
But to let in a clattering freeze

Under stars I murmured thinking they’d ‘under-star-nd’
But even the moon and stars won’t get me
And for once
I felt like a ‘moon-star’

Mismatched flaws
Broken bones
Withered rose
Given till dawn

But that didn’t bother me
This did…

Do I really have to be that stone hearted?
That cold as in “Me at nil”
Not flat out broke but zero Kelvin – and still no chills!!
Blind to other people’s feelings and deaf to their opinion
Waltz on their emotions and limbo under their broken hearts
Numb to all reason so as to ascertain sense in my uncertainties
Do I?

Maybe I’m just paranoid with the whole dilemma of “Quoted Apologies”
Ranting about my perhaps misquoted intentions
My apologies
Drop the quotes

-The Social Antidote


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