I Wish You Upon Yourself

There is a certain quality to darkness, it’s all you see when you close your eyes. If you shut everyone up and keep extra quiet you are almost be able to feel it, smooth and silky, a chasm of endless possibility and every possible fear. You can’t ever really escape it, it hides in that faint sneer when you smell a beggar and turn away quickly, it lurks in the ever present un-inspiration that leads a creative on the bar crawl of a lifetime.

When you think about your own darkness, when you close your eyes and you go diving into the deepest recesses of your mind, or when your mind suddenly brings up your fears from since your parent used to tuck you in at night. You can never help but wonder, whether everyone hides darkness like yours. Sometimes you like to think that yours is just a smudge, whereas others is a complete ink stain, and pride oh so warmly bubbles up to the surface, and the smudge increases.

Now if you’ve survived my writings so far ,this is usually the point where you begin to question your own psyche or wonder whether these are the disorganized scrawling’s of a high school student in perpetual conflict with their testosterone. It’s unlikely that there’ll be a concrete answer to that question, and seeing philosophers have set the bar so low as to be a tripping hazard in hell, we might as well sip tea and continue rambling.

I like to think that everyone’s mindscape is burdened by its own little chunk of dark, negative material, it’s like venom from Spiderman, constantly trying to convince you to put that black suit (or little black dress, depending on your fancy) and going on a most satisfying rampage of hedonistic pursuit fit to make a Greek god blush. Sweet sweet free will however comes with responsibility, we are designed such that the weight of every single guilty pleasure weighs on us, like a blowout at a chic restaurant with two weeks left till payday. Most days our souls are able to stand the weight and bounce back, just like a spring, but if the weight gets past a certain level, the spring might just refuse to snap back.

There could come a time when one look the mirror might send a shiver down your spine. When the most terrifying thing someone could tell you is, I wish you upon yourself. Our fragile human minds can’t really seem to be able to figure out the balance of good and evil. But if that fruit did anything right, at least we always know to keep the spring from snapping too far.


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