Smooth Operator

I had never as much seen this city past 1900 hrs than from the views of a crowded matatu stuck at traffic on my way home. Dark starless skies and bright brake lights. Chocking diesel fumes on the outside and suffocating sweaty pits on in the inside were all but a reminder of a day coming to a close. Perhaps once in a while I’d be lucky enough to be dosed by a dazzling amount of MONTBLANC from that one mademoiselle who seemed a tad misplaced on the tattered worn out seats. But that was all.

Qu’est-ce qu’une beauté comme toi fait dans un endroit comme celui-ci ?”
“Excuse me?”
“What’s a beauty like you doing at a place like this?”

Late nights,
Bright lights,
Fast cars,
Pretty girls.

Lights. Camera. Action.

“You see I’m very concerned when it comes to traffic safety. So tell me, did you look both ways before you crossed my mind?”

Was definitely not how it usually went. Relax. But today. Today I was all up for it. Maybe it was the bright neon lights boldly advertising our sins outside, or the utterly disgusting taste of music the bar had. Maybe it was the bottle of chrome that was three quarters done but a quarter full or the oppo effect I was starting to get on my vision of the hour glass figure coming through the door. Ahhh! MONTBLANC you tease! Cladded in a red bodycon dress she was a ten over ten Chris de Burgh’s description of a lady in red. And I was about to get her dancing with me.

My stereo vision kept up with her although you could say my neck was doing all the work as I struggled to pierce my gaze through the drunken bodies lined up as defensively as the West London blues. She took the last seat at the bar counter. About six plus or minus one seat from my co-ordinates factoring in my recently acquired strabismus. She fidgets on her phone and the backlight graciously lights her ethereal smile. Luscious red lips with cheeks as fluffy as my breakfast buns. Though her eyes by a fraction gave her away because if you looked as much as I was staring then you could see that her glistering Disney eyes were not beaming but weeping. A feigned smile and a broken heart. I never enjoyed dancing and I certainly still gagged on that music but….

“Whatever Deity guides my life
Dear Lord, don’t let me die tonight
But if I shall before I wake….”
I accept my fate

Qu’est-ce qu’une beauté comme toi fait sans un rythme comme ça ? “
“What’s a beauty like you doing without a beat like this?”
Qu’est-ce qu’une bête comme toi fait avec une beauté comme moi ?”
What’s a beast like you doing with a beauty like me?”

“I do not know. But have this beat with me and maybe I could turn to your prince charming.”

“The name is S.O. It’s always lovely to meet a match”


“Smooth Operator…. But you can call me Samuel Onyango if you’re boring like that. I beck and call to any!”

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