See, I now wage war with my thoughts,

A terftie between the new and the old,

Trying to resurrect my old

The new holds me abonde of the present,

What I’m I?

What I’m I becoming?

I co-exist with the fear of self doubt,

What will they call me?

What will they perceive about me?

Will they withstand this blank page?

A page that is empty, yet so full of more!

I am radicalized!!! I am contaminated!


They say change is constant!

Well, here we go again!

It has overtaken me!!

I am no longer me,

Yet I am so me!

A replenished soul,

A commonsensical situation!

No longer under the presumption of the youth!

My shackles under the smoked camouflage

Wings under the court of arms

No longer under the cocoon of my old lieu

I can only cherish the memoir of the past

For the beginning arises!

The mystery of uniform

You can only read and perceive about it,

Now in momentum with my strides,

My mind in quantum!

My brain a whirlwind!!


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