I remember when we were kids and we were asked to write compositions, almost invariably we would find a way to squeeze in, “It was raining cats and dogs”, to start. I’m realizing now, with my significantly less pure and innocent brain that most of these composition beginnings looked like scenes straight out of stranger things (imagine walking out on some evening and then a hundred cats fall on your face,).

Irrespective of how we used to write about it though, we loved the rainy cold days, still do, sweater weather we call it.

Maybe it’s the rom-coms, with all scenes of kissing in the rain. (Honestly I’ve spent the largest chunk of my life convinced white people can’t get pneumonia).

There’s just something about grey skies and shivering that will have you whispering love songs under your breath and daydreaming about a certain someone who ,unfortunately , if the world continues to be the practical joker it has been since Shakespeare started writing his famous tragedies, is probably dreaming about someone else , or worse yet, dreaming in someone else arms.

For some of us though, voluntarily or (cough cough) forced by circumstances, someone to cuddle with during this sweater weather is a privilege, a reward from the heavens for being a good boy during multiple past lives. We unfortunate folk have to make do with pillows and stuffed animals, so if you see a giant teddy plushy at someone’s house, well now you know.

It’s not nearly as bad as it sounds though- being alone during sweater weather. You can cuddle up in bed with a nice mug of hot tea, (trying to relax with coffee is blasphemous, sue me) the good stuff, chamomile flavor, just the right temperature. It’s the perfect time to pick up a good novel and escape to a world where you have 8 pack abs and blue eyes and damsels aplenty to charm or be charmed by.

Books, magical things that they are, exist as portals to whole new dimensions, with endless possibilities and stories just waiting to unfold. You can be a pasty twenty something who habitually wonders about the anatomy of a penguin one second and the next- well you could be the ruler of the multiverse.

It’s a beautiful thing, the rain, it gets you deeper in your feelings than much anything else in the world can. Memories gain some ethereal quality when framed with raindrops and mist. If nothing else, rain makes tea taste a hell of a lot sweeter, and the absolute best, most beautiful thing about rain? It never lasts too long, so you are always looking at the sky, with nostalgia, anticipating, waiting, for when it’s sweater weather, so you can do it all again.


3 thoughts on “SWEATER WEATHER

  1. It’s true the rain does and this sweater weather takes one deep in memory….and if only the one I loved loved me back then this sweater weather would be more of a dream come true as I sip a cup of coffee with my beloved 😍

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