The Unravelling

You tell them to bear their souls to you,to open up.

You tell them that you want the good,the bad,and the horrendous.

You say that you want to see who they truly are.

You say that they should not hide,that they should show you their souls.

That you want to hear the reason for the rhythms of their hearts.

You coax them into spilling their deep,dark secrets.

You ease their closets open and release the skeletons.

You fumble for keys of long-locked Pandora’s boxes;and you find them!

You get closer and closer to them.They begin to trust you.

They begin to pour their souls out,vent their frustrations,shed painful tears before you.

They begin to rely on you.To cherish you,to miss you.

They begin to look forward to the time in the day when they speak to you.

You become their safe space.

They unfold, beautifully,like a rose in full bloom.You see parts of them you never thought existed.

You start to pull away.

You notice they aren’t as pretty or as perfect as you thought they were.

You realize that you were captivated only by the idea of them;not their reality.

You start to despise them.

To whisper their business and mention just how pathetic they are,in dark allies.

You distinguish your existence from theirs,in public,while in private you act like their bosom buddies.

But why does their darkness scare you so?

Why do you flee so readily when you see and hear the raw, unadulterated truth of who they are and what hurts them and why they are the way they are?

Why do you start to despise them?

You claim to want real and raw yet you run when you get it.

Are you trying to escape your own treacherous past?

Are you any more perfect,when all is laid out plain and true?

I know why you run.

You run because they unravel parts of you you wish you’d forget.

You run because you envy how open they managed to be.

You’re in awe of how they trust,even after being broken time and again.

Maybe you aren’t scared of their real and their raw.

Maybe you’re scared because,in you,the unraveling begins.

~The Bee🐝

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