The Matter

The great and boundless, the mother of everything yet the beginning of unknown, (I have decided to call it the matter because there is no better word to express something that we can see yet so unfamiliar to us, yes! matter has definite shape and is tangible. But what was the universe before human existence? A great vastness of matter…damn! Something must kill or save a man, and that is science, curiosity, knowledge….) before the universe existed, everything was oblivious and a mystery. The mother of great existence.

I call it matter.

The great mother, because only I know I draw my existence from her sustains. Although intangible, desolate and only imaginable, I have learnt to seek solace from only her.

During the spring, some go to the park

Watch the blossom of the purple lilies on the terraces.

I sit alone drifting like a new born baby before it learns to smile without a place to go or a scenery to gaze.

Most people have too much, I alone seem to be missing

When you stand on your toes, you cannot be stable

Give up longing and you will be free from your cares

What is the difference between yes and no?

What is the difference between good and evil?

Must I fear what I always fear?

Should I fear desolation when there is abandonment?

Should I fear darkness when that light is shining everywhere?

Mine sure is a toddler’s mind in adulted simplicity

I am but a guest in this world

While others rush to get things done, I accept what is offered, not that I don’t strive for the best but I’m in no hurry to exhaust my determined subconscious self. In my oblivious mind,

Taking big steps doesn’t take you far, nor the heights guarantee you the view of the universe.

I avoid the limelight, preferring to be left alone, indeed I appear like an idiot.

No mind, no worries. I drift like a wave blowing the boat.

All men, in the end, settle in their grooves, only I alone stubborn remain outside

Knowing I am different from the others has allowed me to be nourished by sustenance from the mother.

The greatest virtue is to follow the matter and it alone, although elusive and vague, it gives rise to shapes, life and sustainability.

Although dark and obscure, it has given life and breathe to existence.

How do I know the existence of anything that is out of my vicinity? I look at what is within me

The flexible is preserved and unbroken

The empty is filled

The poor become enriched

The rich are confounded; therefore, the sage becomes the trusted. Because he says nothing therefore he has nothing to prove, because he proves nothing people can trust his words, and because his words are rich people can see themselves in him. And because he has no goal in mind everything he does succeeds

Not saying that the flexible is preserved and unbroken surely means I am right, if you have truly attained wholeness, everything will flock to you.

To talk little is natural, fierce winds do not win in the morning, a downpour does not last a day.

Those who follow the way, become one with the way, those who do goodness become one with goodness, and those who fail on the way and decide it’s the finishing line become one with failure.

If you confound to the way, it flows within you and your actions become those of nature, open yourself to matter and your senses become responsive.

Showing off does not reveal enlightenment, boasting does not guarantee entitlement. He who is self-righteous does not earn himself respect. He who brags will not endure. All these ways of acting are distasteful.

Heaven is great, earth is great and humans are great.

To know humanity is to understand earth, to know the earth is to understand heaven, to know heaven is to understand the way, understand the rage within yourself.

Do not let yourself be swayed, a successful person is calm and poised.

Why should the great lord of the land allow himself to be irritated by fools?

To allow oneself to lose self-consciousness is to lose touch with self.

True words appear paradoxical. Not to mean mine are true but remember

Knowledge is not wisdom, nor to mean mine are wise. Although I am still human and at fault, I am limited to human wisdom but heaven does good to all, so do evil to none. Remember, evil seeks to get but good seeks to give. True words are not beautiful and beautiful words are not true.

Inspired by Taoism


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