The scoundrel sat in a dingy, smoke-filled room, in a building more uptown than any other in the city yet most downbeat. As music played faintly and distantly on the vinyl player in the corner, he nursed his drink contemplatively. He gloated, in a twisted sense, at how the very bar he sat in was … Continue reading FATALE


The Bee. Mi nilimshow.Mi nilimshow hao wadhii ni wazii but akanishow zii:ye ndo fastbodii Koch, Kibich,Mukuru na Huruma na ye ndo kusema.Nilitry kumshtua wasee kadhaa walikuwa wamededi juu ya kudeal na hiyo mbogi na kumess mless tu but akanishtua ati kaa Corona imemtii hiyo mbogi watamweza kweli?Ah,si hiyo reba ikadie.Saa si tumetulia tu.Kiasi kiasi tunaskia … Continue reading Shaka!

Simple Life

I want my simple life back. Simple, thought-free life. The waking up with no worries at all. The occasional lie to the parents that you were coming down with a severe case of the flu only to catch up with the missed Ben 10 episodes – that by the way you wouldn’t have missed had … Continue reading Simple Life


Your presence propels me deep into the beauty and grace of being with you Let me caress you, let me hold you, let me bring stillness into our breathless existence  You may think you are not special. In a moment of existence, you are the center of my universe. Let’s be consumed by the passion … Continue reading MY ERATO