Good morning, Kenyans. We have just concluded our elections and right now, we have the results. I want to thank every Kenyan who came out to vote, I want to thank every single mother who came out to vote, I want to thank every single young person who came out to vote, I want to thank every single person living with disability who came out to vote, I want to thank every single one of you. You expressed high level of maturity and patriotism by deciding to wake up and vote. In this election, we have had the largest voter turnout, clap for yourselves!

I want to thank the electoral commission for conducting this process in a free and fair manner. You have expressed growth over the years and slowly by slowly Kenyans are building complete trust in you. You have respected the timelines issued to you by The Judiciary and that is very professional.

I want to thank all the winners from my political party. We have managed to get 24 governors, 27 senators, 22 women representatives, 157 members of parliament and 107 MCAs. You believed in this political party, you participated in the party primaries peacefully, received your certificate and put in the work. The hard work you put has made you win tremendously, and I pray that you apply the same in your various capacities of leadership. I believe that you will serve Kenyans with integrity, diligence, professionalism, and love.

Lastly, I want to thank God for enabling us to have this process peacefully. I am a staunch Christian and I believe that the peace of God prevailed during the whole process. I remember praying everyday that the Lord may help us have a free, fair, and peaceful election and that is what we have had. Do we agree?

Now, the electoral commission has tallied the votes and they have given us the results. I have garnered 5,734,314 votes while my adversary has garnered 6,081,048 votes. I humbly concede defeat and congratulate my brother, Lwanda Maguire, for winning the presidential position. He has been a worthy competitor and together we have had a perfect run. He has kept me on my toes, I have kept him on his toes, but he has won, and I have lost. Kenya must move on; we must rally together and see how we are going to make this country a better place. Congratulations my brother.

On 5th June we officially launched our campaigns and we had many people at Kasarani Stadium. I was so excited, for a moment I was convinced that I am going to win the elections. Julet and Omenge can attest to that.

In my first 100 days, I want to embark on a rigorous opposition campaign that will span the five years that I will be out of government. I prepared a manifesto from my heart with the help of patriotic Kenyans who want to see change in this country. We spent years coming up with this manifesto and I want most, if not all the of the ideas stipulated there, to come to pass. I will apply pressure on the government to deliver on their promise and my promise too. We have most members of parliament, and this is a sure army that I built, and I know they will serve diligently to ensure the government is on its toes 24/7.

The president elect will be sleeping thinking about the needs of Kenyans, what he needs to do. He will wake up and the first question he’ll ask himself is “What will I do for my fellow Kenyans!”. He is our president and the only thing that should be running in his mind is how that mama mboga is going to feed her children, buy them clothes and take them to school. He should be constantly thinking about how that bodaboda rider will be taught financial literacy to be able to save money and provide for his family adequately and wholesomely. He should think of how the millions of jobless youths will get jobs. The old people should always be on his mind, how will they be protected? I will make sure that happens.

This is a covenant I am making with all the Kenyans, those who voted for me and those who did not, because we all need change. To the 5 million plus people who voted for me I will make sure that your vote will not go to waste. I promised you free education, you will get free education under this government, I promised you better NHIF terms, you will get better NHIF terms. I promised you that corruption will be eliminated and that is what will happen.

I know some of you are asking me how I will be able to implement this as an opposition leader. I want to tell you something, I am not only an opposition leader, but I am the strongest opposition leader Kenya has ever had in her history. I have more MPs than the president elect, I have more governors, I have more than 5 million Kenyans behind me and I have the blessing of God himself, what will stop me? Who will stop me? I am asking you.

His excellency Lwanda Maguire promised that he will bring money to your pockets. He said that he will create 500,000 jobs every month for the youth. He said he will get rid of corruption; he gave you a lot of promises.

In my first 100 days we are going to dissect through his manifesto and develop a plan that will ensure he delivers on every single detail that he promised. I am going to come up with a task force of MPs and Senators that will apply maximum pressure to the president in a positive way. I will analyze my manifesto and pick on all the deliverables that the president must work on and make sure that he does. I will make it my goal and mission for all Kenyans to enjoy life. The Bible says that to whom much is given, much is expected. Well, Mr President, we expect a lot from you.

We expect you to present a confident front to the other countries in the world. We do not want to be bullied into doing things by some countries. We want you to show that we are a powerful country. We want you to apply wisdom of the highest order in leading this country. This is not a small country in fact we are a role model to many countries out there.

My first 100 days will be the only days Mr President is going to enjoy peace because after that we are going to hit hard and fast. These will be the only days he is going to rest in the 5 years he will be in power. I strongly advise that he rests enough because after that, he will be working 24/7.

Now, I know the online community has a way of twisting my words so let me make this clear. We all want the best for Kenyans, we are going to play our opposition role to our very best. The president is the boss but at times he may forget some of the things he is supposed to do. We will be there to remind him: that’s our job. We have accepted our loss but at the same time we have accepted the new job that the people have given us. We must all undertake our civic duty: scrutinizing and testing the government for coherence and correspondence.

I believe that I am going to become the president after him because of the good work I will do after these 100 days. I thank you all and wish to thank as God to bless you all and bless this great Republic. Asante sana!


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