Your presence propels me deep into the beauty and grace of being with you

Let me caress you, let me hold you, let me bring stillness into our breathless existence 

You may think you are not special.

In a moment of existence, you are the center of my universe.

Let’s be consumed by the passion of our moment

Let’s forget the past and future.

Our moment is all eternity for you and me

Do I have a poetic heart?

How couldn’t I be in your graceful presence other than to be a poet?

Come to my life, and no minute in your life will be the same as the minute that passes

Each moment is so precious and unique; you’ll think you are born into life many thousand a times

I am writing a poem about you deep in my heart, each heartbeat says I am happy I have met you.

Your presence propels me deep into the beauty and grace of being with you.

Let me decorate you with the grace of Aphrodite

A mascot of Turtle doves seed feeding around your feet.

I might enter a plea of not guilty, but for you? Your honor, I am guilty of all charges.

Or rather not present and blame the owls hours I keep

But the sweetness that is embodied in thee clouds above

I’d carry you on my back till you are no less than a darling delicate silence, I wouldn’t want you broken.

I’m so compelled to you, that the warmth that comes from just thinking about you would certainly grow flowers on a heavy winter.

And since cupid graced me with you, I’ll call you Eros because I am your forever and ever Aphrodite!!


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