Shika Paka Power:The Cat Influencer.

The creature stretched itself lazily in front of its custom made mirror.With its one good eye,it scoped out the little room,shrouded in semi-darkness.Was this real life?Was it just fantasy?It recalled lazing on the plush purple velvet pillow in the afternoons while licking its fur to the sounds of Bohemian Rhapsody and the taste of freshly … Continue reading Shika Paka Power:The Cat Influencer.

Christmas Tree

It's that time of the year when most families wanna meet up and have some fun. For me, this year is quite different, actually the past two I've always been at home watching some series to kill time before the EPL resumes on the 26th. I've always liked it cool. During family meetings, I feel … Continue reading Christmas Tree

No Internet

It's usually when you watch a nice movie and there is about to be a major plot twist when the movie starts loading. At first, you think, "It's my Netflix tripping." That is not usually the case and you realize this the moment you hit the reload icon and you get bitch slapped with the … Continue reading No Internet