No Internet

It’s usually when you watch a nice movie and there is about to be a major plot twist when the movie starts loading.

At first, you think, “It’s my Netflix tripping.”

That is not usually the case and you realize this the moment you hit the reload icon and you get bitch slapped with the no internet description with the cute little T-rex that is meant to cool your nerves.

One thing I know, the T-rex doesn’t usually help much. Especially when it’s late in the night and you are in deep.

You find yourself trying to figure out what happened and how it happened.

You’ll consider buying some bundles to finish the movie but you’re not sure if it’s a fair trade.

You find yourself waiting for the net to come back and at times it does and you realize how much you were enjoying the movie.

Other times you realize the wifi subscription is over and you have to wait till you get a new subscription.

In both scenarios, time is the best answer.


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