Christmas Tree

It’s that time of the year when most families wanna meet up and have some fun.

For me, this year is quite different, actually the past two I’ve always been at home watching some series to kill time before the EPL resumes on the 26th.

I’ve always liked it cool.

During family meetings, I feel there is usually unnecessary tension. Especially when your family culture is bringing each other gifts. The rich uncles and aunts will use that as an opportunity to flex really hard. Giving the nephews and nieces posh toys and clothes and you see the thing is children talk. This will often lead to some kids feeling unsatisfied about their own… I digress.

Today is especially calm, it’s those days when time doesn’t seem to budge. It’s awfully quiet especially since the noisy neighbors have gone to “ushago”.

At least we are spared from the usual, “Kwang! Kwang! Kwang! Baba Jemo umetoka wapi sahiii? Uuuuiiii umeanzana na watoto wa shule…..Narudi kwetu leo, siwezi mimi siwezi” for a couple of nights.

It is about 4:20pm when I decide to pass by an old friend of mine; Ritch; and to my surprise, he has a Christmas tree.

The day can’t get any better.

The Christmas tree really raised my festive spirit, I feel a little bit relaxed and I realize even though we talk a lot with Ritch, I barely know anything about him.

Our friendship for the last 8 years or so has been built on the casual font, we don’t get too deep, okay I do, but not in this instance.

I decide to ask him about high school since that’s where we experience our wildest memories.

I really wasn’t ready for this, this guy was bad to the bone. The bastard was so hardcore he even got a suspension 3 days into a half-term break.


Like how does that even work? You are at home for Christ’s sake.

I came to realize that friendship is a beautiful thing yet people don’t see that instead, they don’t go deeper. People tend to be more subtle and in the end claim to have fake friends.

I was really amazed when I learned the guy could make some great chicken, the KFC type of chicken. I could feel all my taste buds cumming back to life. It was really good, especially the breasts ahhhhh you’d think it’s Tuesday, Terrific.

This Christmas I’ve decided to put much more effort into friendships I mean I wanna have a blast with my day ones.

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