Karakta Development

Three Musketeers. Character development; if you are a Kenyan, I will not even bother going into the details of the definition. At this point, you have sung this name and even inserted it in places it doesn't make sense. Some have used it to seek sympathy from unsuspecting and naive victims, and others have used … Continue reading Karakta Development


Say Cheese

We are the world (are the world)We are the children (are the children)We are the ones who’ll make a brighter day so let’s start giving (so let’s start giving)We are the World by Lionel Richie and various artists is a song I have grown fond of. The brighter the days become, the more this song … Continue reading Say Cheese

Phantom Pain

There is something that rom-com writers always forget to tell us. They dream up grand romantic gestures, kisses in the rain, slow-motion midstride hugs and all other sorts of “awwww” eliciting scenes that make the love centers of our brains light up brighter than an Indian household on Diwali. And then the credits roll, and … Continue reading Phantom Pain

Dry Bones Dance

Nairobi ni shamba la mawe. There goes your favorite saying everytime the going gets tough. You definitely can't help but agree with that little voice that keeps reminding you that indeed, Nairobi is not an easy place to reside. It always props up at those times when: Caro "ate your fare", now you are looking … Continue reading Dry Bones Dance

Bokilo Mwasi

No. Not Charity Mwamba.  It's the one who pulls out all the stops to ensure that the only time you're smiling is when you're brushing your teeth. Fully convinced in her evil-scheming mind that you are the weapon fashioned against her dear Kimani (read kababa), she probably suffers hiccups every time he appears in one … Continue reading Bokilo Mwasi