What Are The Odds?

There’s this feeling I usually have at times when I feel everything is plain. Plain? More like how water tastes, you can’t really describe it. Yet it’s when I have this feeling that my mind tends to think of the most ludicrous subjects. Today that happened to be gambling.

What led me to think of the matter was not the fact that I do gamble but a certain phrase I heard somewhere online about how prostitution was one of the oldest trades, I beg to differ.

For me, I feel gambling could have been present the moment man attained speech. I’m pretty sure the neanderthal man would bet on who would kill the largest prey or something like that.

The word that will start gambling is “unaeza?”

I had to use the word unaeza, as a kid I usually found myself in the “baba yako anaeza chapa baba yangu?’ type of scenario and I would cook a big fat lie of how my father was strong as hell based on the cartoons I had recently watched; don’t get me wrong though my dad is strong. Baba yangu aneza chapa baba yako btw.

It’s in the nature of man to be the best and in order to be the best there has to be competition and where there is competition there are spectators who will most likely gamble. It is hard to find such a series of events. Oh, wait, the only other way you can create such a sequence is when you buy that stern chick that is unwilling to cooperate Kingfisher, ask Mejja about that one.

I honestly think everyone gambles. The real question is what do you gamble for? She might call it small I’ll call it average, it’s a matter of perspective.

A parent has to take a child to school with the hope their child will be successful, that is the gamble. The parent will have to pay fees for the levels of education; stake. Now, what are the odds? Well, that depends on the kid. They might be the smart ones or the “hii imeenda”. Anyways that’s just one example but which of the two are you?

Now using this logic, how frequently do you gamble?

I gamble a lot not necessarily the betika and sportpesa shenanigans, it’s really hard, hii serikali ya nabii huezi kula bet.

Taking every decision as a gamble has always worked for me, I tend to think of all possible choices and outcomes and pick the best. The only limitation is when an unprecedented outcome occurs. It’s usually devastating.

I kinda feel I was on the verge of kufungua roho but the mandem ain’t soft or am I?

Seriously though, this was all inspired by “bets kuungua 2023 edition”. I think the best option at this moment is to switch to betting on Boxing Matches, that way when I lose at least I know the bastard got a whooping of a lifetime. The other approach might be attending tomorrow’s maandamano.

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