December 2022

Congratulations, Happy Birthday and Goodbye!

“It was his birthday last week,” she said, “and we used to do this weeklong birthday thing the whole 15 years we were together. I would send him a text after waking up, every morning of that week, and every evening before going to bed. Even if we were in the same room, sharing the … Continue reading Congratulations, Happy Birthday and Goodbye!

TAO-CHINESE CLASSICAL TEXTS Heaviness is the basis of lightness.Stillness is the standard of activity.Thus the Master travels all day without ever leaving her wagon.Even though she has much to see, is she at peace in her indifference.Why should the lord of a thousand chariots be amused at the foolishness of the world?If you abandon yourself … Continue reading


The scoundrel sat in a dingy, smoke-filled room, in a building more uptown than any other in the city yet most downbeat. As music played faintly and distantly on the vinyl player in the corner, he nursed his drink contemplatively. He gloated, in a twisted sense, at how the very bar he sat in was … Continue reading FATALE


The Bee. Mi nilimshow.Mi nilimshow hao wadhii ni wazii but akanishow zii:ye ndo fastbodii Koch, Kibich,Mukuru na Huruma na ye ndo kusema.Nilitry kumshtua wasee kadhaa walikuwa wamededi juu ya kudeal na hiyo mbogi na kumess mless tu but akanishtua ati kaa Corona imemtii hiyo mbogi watamweza kweli?Ah,si hiyo reba ikadie.Saa si tumetulia tu.Kiasi kiasi tunaskia … Continue reading Shaka!

Spend the Night with Me

They say people do crazy things for love, but I do crazy things for food. Specifically carbs. Specifically those made from wheat. I’m talking pasta, bread (like that pretentious-sounding but magical kwasson), cake, pizza, chapati. If food had celebrities, wheat products would forever be on magazine covers in perfect lighting and with expensive garnishes and … Continue reading Spend the Night with Me

Another Person

By Seth I watched her walk by the shore, the sea whipping around her bare legs. She looked desolate, caught up in the moment. I watched silently from the balcony as the girl I had grown to know and love… no, she was no more. The girl was still there, but her soul was gone. … Continue reading Another Person

Simple Life

I want my simple life back. Simple, thought-free life. The waking up with no worries at all. The occasional lie to the parents that you were coming down with a severe case of the flu only to catch up with the missed Ben 10 episodes – that by the way you wouldn’t have missed had … Continue reading Simple Life

Oh God!

I have always been curious to find out who was the first human being to exclaim ‘Oh God!’ What section of the world were they from? Which god were they referring to? Were they happy or sad or both at the same time? The section of my brain with a chronically bad sense of humor … Continue reading Oh God!

Day 3: Confusion.

Three days. It took them three days to notice her absence. Said days had been silent, peaceful even, and not once did it occur to any of them, to be peculiar. The evening was also quiet. Not the normal quiet. An unusual quiet like the calm before a storm, a sort of premonition of doom. … Continue reading Day 3: Confusion.


Your presence propels me deep into the beauty and grace of being with you Let me caress you, let me hold you, let me bring stillness into our breathless existence  You may think you are not special. In a moment of existence, you are the center of my universe. Let’s be consumed by the passion … Continue reading MY ERATO


By The Bee. In a world full of straights and narrows,we are the curves.A myriad of names has been made specifically for us, including ‘thick chics’ and ‘curvy girls’.The voluptuous womanly figure on us often evokes mixed reactions: the Gram advertising weight loss services in all shapes and forms,TV broadcasting fitness programs that enthusiastically champion … Continue reading Curves

Ladies and Gentlemen, Her

The sun is out today. She sits in the shade of a pine tree on the cold grass, lazily stretching her feet till her toes kiss the sunlight beaming through the leaves. Her hands struggle to nestle a pair of headphones in the thick fluffy cloud that is her hair. It’s dyed a bold white, … Continue reading Ladies and Gentlemen, Her


“I’m always especially tired after twelve hours of consciousness,” Ryan stated, “but today was different.” “How’s that?” Ted asked. “I actually had an idea for a poem. Actually, I probably would’ve written it as a short story, but I didn’t end up writing it because I thought it would’ve been a stupid story.” Ted, surprised, … Continue reading MODERN ASTRONOMY


“Tumuonie firirida…tumuonie firirida…firirida tumuonie firirida…firirida…” blasts the  matatu radio and you just can’t help but covertly move your hips to the tune while seated beside a beautiful grumpy lady probably in her late twenties, whom some hours earlier was having a heated breakup conversation with her then ex-lover, or so you chose to assume, via … Continue reading Uongo


Good morning, Kenyans. We have just concluded our elections and right now, we have the results. I want to thank every Kenyan who came out to vote, I want to thank every single mother who came out to vote, I want to thank every single young person who came out to vote, I want to … Continue reading MY FIRST 100 DAYS

On The Highway

I have lived in the city long enough to call myself a born-town, so it usually confuses people when I ask for directions to some place in this big town. How I have not travelled around much is because of one thing. Or a few. I can not seem to make up my mind. What … Continue reading On The Highway


Our math teacher we called wise man for reasons I’d rather not get into. He was, and probably still is, the typical math teacher. The mwalimu niachie huyo kind. Clean shaven head, nerdy glasses, plaid shirt tucked neatly into his khakis with a belt, some ugly loafers and there was always an unmatching over-sized coat … Continue reading Happy

The Abyss of Dreams

When I was in high school, my Kiswahili teacher would tell me that I should work hard and pass my KCSE. That after I landed in university, I could coast through without studying and get straight A’s. That girls would be falling over themselves trying to get at me etc. I was promised everything short … Continue reading The Abyss of Dreams


Five o’clock in the morning. No conversations going boring. Just your head laid back on the left backseat headrest in a vehicle where in more than one occasion, the driver assigned is the only adult with the exception of one or two parent figures. The convoy snakes its way into the Eastern Bypass, and you … Continue reading RURACIO

The Unravelling

You tell them to bear their souls to you,to open up. You tell them that you want the good,the bad,and the horrendous. You say that you want to see who they truly are. You say that they should not hide,that they should show you their souls. That you want to hear the reason for the … Continue reading The Unravelling


 I see you walking towards us even before she can introduce you. OMG! THE WALK! I mean I’ve never doubted Natasha’s taste but you are definitely a hit. The tight fitting half-way buttoned up white shirt gives off the effect you want, you slut. Well tucked in your grey suit pants that are just an … Continue reading TAMED


YOLO, or whatever it is that you say when you encounter one of them on one or more of your countless weekend night escapades when intentional sobriety is never an option. Your first encounter locates you in a two-roomed crib in the city you reside in solely for the purpose of pursuing further education but … Continue reading ONE-NIGHT STAND


I’m fresh from watching a video where, in an unfortunate sequence of events a lady jumped off a roof. A rather morbid way to start a story, I know, but who am I if not your cultured purveyor of emotions, and it would seem that, after avoiding it for so long , its finally time … Continue reading JADED


It’s paradoxical really, how fragile we are. Physically we stumble, fall and get scarred. Scars sting for a while, then they scab over, and before you know it, all you have left is a faint phantom pain whenever you gaze at a scar, a memory of what was. For all the talk you’ll find in … Continue reading HOLLOW


I remember when we were kids and we were asked to write compositions, almost invariably we would find a way to squeeze in, “It was raining cats and dogs”, to start. I’m realizing now, with my significantly less pure and innocent brain that most of these composition beginnings looked like scenes straight out of stranger … Continue reading SWEATER WEATHER


There has never been a funnier time to tell someone ‘you are going places’. Its difficult to go anywhere in this country right now. I can’t even go to class, the weather makes it difficult to get out of the blankets and on the slim chance that you do, you have nothing to wear because … Continue reading THE SHOE WILL NEVER FIT


I’m a writer, I like to think that if I tell myself something enough times, it’ll be true. It isn’t even really a lie, I’m writing this aren’t I? You’re nodding slowly, I can see it and I’m matching it, frantically, nod for nod, but it doesn’t work. It’s frightening how no matter how much … Continue reading FACADES

Ramblings On Happiness

I’m dead tired, but I’m happy. it sounds contradictory I know but it’s a rather satisfying feeling. Like slipping into a mildly warm bath at the end of a really really long day. Its at a time like this that Adulting becomes less of a vague outlandish concept with nothing to do with us and … Continue reading Ramblings On Happiness


Interesting title, don’t you think brother. Initially it was Hey Brother, but I figured you’d ignore it like you have all my previous ones, so I went with a title you would never resist. If Pops were sill around, he’d smack you if he knew where I picked you up from last night. I can … Continue reading AISHA


You know it’s been a good day when you find yourself dancing to “The Wake-Up Call with Grauchi” that’s blazing through the premium membranes of your Xiaomi Bluetooth Earbuds as you head home from Clabu. Home is Chiromo; a step up from the shady life you lived at Hall 16’s Mamlaka A hostel. There you … Continue reading CLOSURE BY SARUSH.

Mboka Series

                                                       Mboka Serie’s Mteja Have you ever been robbed? I was robbed. It was more of snatching though😂. It was 10 pm dead in the night. I was going somewhere, and we all know where, not the exact place but you know what I mean. I wanted to order a boda they are fast. I … Continue reading Mboka Series

Dear Adidudas,

Dear Adidudas, It feels crazy to even think that I’m writing this letter to you today. Silly much? It’s weird even because it’s been three months since I last laid eyes on you. Do you even remember me? Of course not. I’m just another admirer’s face. I recall someone telling me, once, that I should … Continue reading Dear Adidudas,


See, I now wage war with my thoughts, A terftie between the new and the old, Trying to resurrect my old The new holds me abonde of the present, What I’m I? What I’m I becoming? I co-exist with the fear of self doubt, What will they call me? What will they perceive about me? … Continue reading Abonde

Thoughts Of A Philosopher

Thoughts of a philosopher, Depressing yet so utopian, Is knowledge a blessing? Or is it a curse? The more you understand, the more tormented you become. Madness and wisdom are like twins Wisdom will lead you into sorrow, Sorrow will lead you into madness, But it is better to be wise than to be a … Continue reading Thoughts Of A Philosopher

The End

“There has been twenty-five anti-depressant related suicides in the past month. Police say they are trying to figure out where the supply is coming from, but things seem to be getting worse. Ano…” A young man turns off the TV. He is nineteen years old, thick black hair, pale white skin, dark brown eyes. He … Continue reading The End

I Wish You Upon Yourself

There is a certain quality to darkness, it’s all you see when you close your eyes. If you shut everyone up and keep extra quiet you are almost be able to feel it, smooth and silky, a chasm of endless possibility and every possible fear. You can’t ever really escape it, it hides in that … Continue reading I Wish You Upon Yourself

  Gluten Free Misogyny

“Dress how you want to be addressed.” This line of thinking is heavily flawed so let’s debunk it,shall we? If a person is inherently disrespectful,they will disrespect you.That’s literally it. They’re only using your mode of dressing as leverage to bring you down for whichever reason. Now,in occasions where people, especially women,wear clothing that is … Continue reading   Gluten Free Misogyny

So Hukuji

“So hukuji?” I asked after hanging up, biting my lower lip. “How could… how could she!” I lamented jeremiacally, if there is anything like that. Triza Triza,you tell me to iza, no pun intended though. Newsflash! Triza was my first girlfriend. Nature had, in the past, had tried to link me with Triza countless times … Continue reading So Hukuji


Trigger Warning: Alcohol, Addiction Ever attended an alcoholics anonymous(AA) meeting or an anything anonymous meeting? Or are you still in the drinking phase, waiting for your liver to raise the white flag? I can tell you two things about addiction. One, too much will never be too much unless something clicks up there or, you … Continue reading UNTITLED


NYAR GEM, MY TUESDAY CRUSH A good story, carefully written and well told is like a cool breeze on a summer’s afternoon. I can never hope to possess my grandmother’s storytelling skills, but I can let loose a naughty lover’s pen to write away into the bliss of young love. This is the story of … Continue reading MAPEN-ZII


It was well past midnightbut my night was still brightmy eyes won’t fail meand only insomnia was at sightBut how could they??When I was shattered inside We say walls have earsBut forget windows got the eyesAnd even though there were three in the roomWith my solitary window in dueIt seemed like the whole world was … Continue reading “QUOTED APOLOGIES”


Oh, I think that I found myself a cheerleader, she’s always right there when I need her. Should I sing again? Oh, I think that I found myself a cheerleader, she’s always right there when I need her! I feel like my throat is bursting because I’m not a singing person, my tongue is already … Continue reading CHEERLEADER

 Peace of mind

Click twice and maybe my wish will come true, still hoping to God He sees it through, it’s like a cycle back and forth trying to figure it out you know fix it, see it starts with a sound so i have to look, then comes a little voice and it gets me hooked, takes … Continue reading  Peace of mind


“Back off Dude! Get out of my personal bubble! ” Those were the only words I ever got from her. She’s not your ordinary woman though she’s childish, adult, sensible, unreasonable – usually one when she should be the other. She’s very pretty although not necessarily in an obvious way. She’s lithe as cat, muscular … Continue reading Proxemics


Anita gently passes her eyeshadow brush over her eyelids. This ritual –eye shading- normally has a characteristic to give her a pink tinge-pink is her favorite-, making her eyes look like they are popping out. Nowadays however it seems not to be doing the trick. She tries to do it all over again, nothing! The … Continue reading Anita


It may be in the smooth carving of characters progressively on a blank space or the thought of the excellent results to come. I can not quite get to it, but there is just something about the spasm of excitement that accompanies the activity itself. Rather an unusual statement for those who are accustomed to … Continue reading Closure

For love, by love

Sharon, Sharon get up. I understand that you are confused right now, but everything will make sense soon. That right there is you, your physical body that is, trying to recover from a bullet wound. My name is not that important, just know that I am related to Cupid, and yes I am in the … Continue reading For love, by love

Manenoz Podcast!

Hey guys, it’s been a minute, hasn’t it? Bado niko. COVID has still not been able to finish me. Yet. Niko na homa though, those strong homas that don’t go away. You know them right? Zile you contract from sharing a chrome mzinga when taking shots za kumaliza semester. Yes those ones. I hear that … Continue reading Manenoz Podcast!

Release The Dragon

I’ve always liked dragons. Towering over the skies, breathing fire, stealing princesses, hoarding gold- I always felt that they were living their best life.  Of course, literature in general didn’t seem to be of the same opinion, always coming up with self-righteous knights to go dragon slaying. Even the Bible didn’t portray dragons in a … Continue reading Release The Dragon


When I was growing up my parents and literally everyone told me that drugs were evil, disgusting and a death wish. Those who were seen or even suspected to be using were abandoned like a leper by the community. Drugs looked like a huge sin: an unforgivable one to say. I am grown now and … Continue reading ADDICTED


Yow. It’s been a minute my G’s. How are you? Last I was here we were deep into Sauti Sol and BnB and Bambam things. I mean, quite a long time innit? Yaani, so much has happened. Second lockdown here at home, BBI is seemingly dead, another year is down without getting laid, jokes- not … Continue reading Tinder


I dreamt you were gone! I was in school just having a snack at the student centre then I received a call from dad. “Hello son, you need to come to Nairobi Hospital right now! Your mom…” My phone just fell of my hands and all I heard was a ringing sound in my ears. … Continue reading MOM


Oh rocking chair! Oh rocking chair! I love my grandpa’s rocking chair, so I pull it and have a seat. On my right hand I’m holding a vicious knife. I decided to use the last cents I had to get it.   This rocking chair is very special to me. It’s very dear to me. It’s … Continue reading OH, ROCKING CHAIR

Wash That BAMBAM!

“Shake your bambam, kwenda sukuma! Shake your bambam, kwenda sukuma! Shake your bambam, kwenda sukuma! Shake your bambam, hapooo!” You know I love Sauti Sol. So much. I write about them. I sing their songs. I tweet about them. And believe me, this is not one of those ati I don’t know why I love … Continue reading Wash That BAMBAM!


A mess we found ourselves in, Not by default but by want, We talk rather than walk the talk, We blame rather than take the blame, We fake when we can’t, We cower when we fail, How then will we escape, The jaws of this dark evil? I ask how and all I hear is … Continue reading Procrastination


It came. A whirlwind too strong. First, I couldn’t bear it. But I, the eternal idiot Saw it only fit To continue with the stint That broke my heart. I’d never really learned, My emotions, the burned. And now I only loathe. Yes,  I do. The impossible, finally true. This time I see, What I … Continue reading Whirlwind

The Leveler

Funny though it was, That he owned tens of bungalows, And a myriad of material possessions, But when the leveler came calling, This factors did not come into play. He always got what he wanted, Through covert and overt means and had corrupted many, The leveler though was true and honest to duty, He executed … Continue reading The Leveler


On that midnight hour, when only the nocturnal roamed, The compromise was finalized, In a masked face the messenger delivered the last batch, In a black briefcase, The contents served one purpose, To FRAGRANCE the STINKIEST of crimes, ‘MURDER!’ The weary looking judge adorned in ‘justice’ regalia, Took the judgment seat looking worn-out –probably-, Probably … Continue reading Inequity

To Desire

Are we lost to desire? Are we wrong to yearn? Are we hard-pressed to want? It is hard, indeed, to say. Feeling a deep urge, you know how profoundly ridiculous it is. You’d hate to subject yourself to the rigours of a game you’re all too familiar with. You’re plagued by a sickening notion of … Continue reading To Desire

Fist Fight

It surprises me and a lot of my friends that I have never been in a fist fight. That I have never balled up my fingers and hit someone or something. Well, maybe not the last part. I have hit many things, among them walls, but that’s a story for another time. Now, to be … Continue reading Fist Fight


You stopped calling, I stopped expecting, You never say hi, I never say hello, You don’t check up, I don’t long for it, When you abandon, should I also? You call me hero, I call you heroin, I cry on your shoulder, you cry on mine, You are my greatest fan, I am yours, When … Continue reading REACTION


You see there are nights when there is nothing else to do but to watch anime. Yes anime, I know its not the best time to bring this up, but another man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I will not go over the details since I know there are a lot of sketchy characters waiting … Continue reading TO SIMP OR NOT TO SIMP


Out of the blue, You said you loved me, The love was so far away, So I reached out, But then I died. I was so happy, And determined, I had adrenaline, And so I chased, But then I died. I went to CMC, Got some wheels, Spun to your home, Almost hooted, But then … Continue reading I DIED


Dear dad, I want that rare fatherly love. The scarce times when you tell me that you love me: that’s what I want. I don’t want you to handle me like a tray of eggs in a bumpy road. You can break me, teach me, let me understand what it is to survive in this … Continue reading DEAR DAD

Train Tales I

Originally posted on The Social Antidote:
The Standard Gauge Railway. Dubbed as the most expensive project since independence I had a lot of expectations for this experience. Probably you might’ve have already guessed how this went. Same ending like any grand mega super-duper multi billion project we’ve had in Kenya. Blatant smoke blowing that’s as…

Of White Cats and Black Dots

Podcast version now available if you don’t have the time to read. It’s still in the trial phase. Let us know in the comments if podcasts are your jam, and if you’d like us to upgrade to actual humans reading out the posts. Thanks 😊. Back to scheduled programming. In the before, I never really … Continue reading Of White Cats and Black Dots


When you don’t see me, know I’m in the orchestraListening to the wafting sound of the bass guitarRhyme with the frequency of my relentless heartbeatWho knew what it takes is just a pull of some strings?Where’s your love? When you don’t see me, know I’m in the orchestraMarvelling at the highs and lows of the … Continue reading WHERE IS YOUR LOVE


There’s something about making mistakes. Mistakes occur all the time. But you see, a mistake made in private isn’t such big of a deal. You’ll submit the wrong answer for a question privately to your teacher and it’ll only be you and he would know that you’re struggling with Data Structures and Algorithm. You’ll cook … Continue reading Bi-tentional

I Did Not Scream

by Kilyungi I hate pain. I guess everyone does. I also hate waiting. And when these two combine, there’s always bound to be a disaster of some sort. I also hate hospitals. That’s a lot of hate. I dislike, not hate. Hate is such a strong word I’m beginning to hate ‘hate’, the word. It’s … Continue reading I Did Not Scream

Uko wapi

“Uko wapi?” Someone texted just a while ago. I have been told time and again that the answer to this question is entirely dependent on who is asking and where they are asking it from. I am from replying this text and I can’t help but smile because I’m at three different places. My mom … Continue reading Uko wapi


In a few seconds I’ll tell you a tale As time flies by it won’t remain stale There once was a person who broke alot He had a few pieces but nothing he got He tried some fixes but all in vain The wind flew by and his pieces were slain He met some people … Continue reading AGAIN

African Creed

I believe in one Africa The mother of the black man And in one sprit of freedom Which unites all happy people. I believe that Africa Was and will always be A home of happy and united people She died during colonial epoch, She rose again in a new life Only to find, Then, she … Continue reading African Creed


‘Mary did you know that your baby boy…’ ‘Jingle bells Jingle bells Jingle all the way…’ ‘Feliz Navidad, Feliz Navidad Feliz Navidad, próspero año y felicidad…’ It’s that time of the year folks we’ve all been waiting for. We humans get a time to celebrate while our fellow animals feast on the massive remains not … Continue reading CHRISTMAS


Family is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love my dad. A doctor: one of the best they say. In fact, he once made headlines for his magnanimity with his patients, an act that earned us a visit by the most beautiful news reporter. I appeared in the news and this … Continue reading HEY BROTHER

Ifikie Wazazi

‘Teach me how to dance… Teach me… Teach me how to dance,’ Kevo was hypnotized. He had always believed himself to be an Odi but watching the petite damsels twerk to hip hop made him regret that if only for an instant. Well, I can call it that now but to them it was just … Continue reading Ifikie Wazazi


I REFUSE TO SIT HERE DOING NOTHING. James chuckled. He had chosen this specific bench because of that piece of writing. He had been feeling lifeless for some time now. In fact, he had felt lifeless ever since the suspension. What had he done wrong? Absolutely nothing! He had firmly believed that the end justifies … Continue reading Demoncracy

Dame in Distress

‘Maybe he likes the back shot,’ Linda thought. She repositioned herself on the king sized bed so that she knelt and supported herself forward with the palm of her hands. She pushed her tongue out and rocked back and forth as if she was practicing for what was to come. She thought of how bitchy … Continue reading Dame in Distress


The weekend. Putting a timestamp to before the pandemic, this probably shouted with all sorts of capitals and exclamations. The energy radiated the Friday prior was unprecedented as plans set in motion on who would foot the weekend’s bill through a subtle game of rock paper scissors. I had lost twice in a row now … Continue reading 202Done

If I Got Choked and Died

As I sit here eating raw indomie, I can’t help but think of how much I’ve missed you. I’m crying too, not because of you, but because I put too much chilli on the raw noodles. It’s been a minute since I put something to paper, or rather, typed something out. Today is the day … Continue reading If I Got Choked and Died


I love waking up early, but not because I’m that focused but because I love seeing the sun begin its journey. I wake up everyday same time pull my rocking chair and sit facing the window. The beauty in it I cannot explain. How the sun illuminates the sky with its ebony- sometimes pink, red … Continue reading ROAD TRIP

What If

What if life was endless?Wil you yearn for another after death?What if there was no light at the end of the tunnel?Will you keep walking in darkness?And what if darkness decided to face light?Watch as the sun approaches to start a fight.So what if second chances didn’t exist?Will forgiveness be a miracle to be performed?Answer … Continue reading What If

Dear Sister

To Sally, Hi sis. I miss you, we all do. For some reason all the letters I write you always get sent back. I think its because I have been writing the address on the envelopes in small letters. This time I will be sure to use very large capital letters- TO SALLY IN THE … Continue reading Dear Sister


There is a saying in Nairobi…’Hii ni town!’ It has been used to justify all sorts of misdeeds and irregularities. It has also been used to validate exaggerations as well as make the insane seem normal. This was the same phrase Njenga had in mind as he pushed against the crowd of people rushing in … Continue reading Majuto

I Wish…

Ndinda I furiously rummage through my purse looking for the 600 bob I found in the pocket of my dirty jeans. Pocket one– crusty handkerchief. Pocket two– expired lipstick. Pocket three- sheets of paper as old as great grandma Mambio. I curse. Panic starts creeping in as the super market cashier in front of me … Continue reading I Wish…

To My Future Wife

To my future wife… Hello, I guess it’ll be befitting to start with an introduction. Congratulations, We’re married. Isn’t that befitting my love? Anyway, let’s downsize this to a bite size concoction, Unlike the chunk you choked me with on our nuptial celebration. The name’s Kelvin, Man so hot they had to rename the Celsius. … Continue reading To My Future Wife


The drums of war start way long before the actual war. The owl hoots, people get into petty misunderstandings which escalate into a mere slap and the rest is left for the survivors to tell. This is inherently characteristic to interpersonal relationships. What about the wars that we fight inside, the intrapersonal: are we oblivious … Continue reading TAKE ME HOME

Eternal Love

Lips first, then tongue interlockYou are the charm of my luckcome down let’s have a danceMy Medusa, you froze me with your glance You are my addiction and elixirMy universe and my foreverWhat a blissful feeling is it to hold your handAnd the sweetness of your lips, no one can understand We shall build our … Continue reading Eternal Love

I Smile

I find myself smiling. Alone. A lot. When I’m walking behind a couple whose hands swing so close to each other; some swings make their hands touch and other swings just – ammm swing by. My smile broadens especially when the hands touch then each holds the other. The holding of hands. So intimate yet … Continue reading I Smile

I Did It!

“Dr. Martins was in her office that afternoon when Steve went in for his appointment. An hour went by and they were still in there. I got tired of sitting by and the mental health magazines in the waiting area were just not doing it for me. I reached for the door to try and … Continue reading I Did It!


Her gaze faded into a distance, lost in a story she had but not hers to tell. The clouds grew heavy like the resentment in her heart and the winds whispered aspirations the world had for her but blew them away before they could settle like a gruesome tease. A constant push and pull that … Continue reading Octob-her


WHAT IS BREAST CANCER? Submitted by Samuel Ndiema. Fact Checked by Dr. Kimani M (UON). Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers. Around one in nine women develop breast cancer at some stage in their life. In Kenya the prevalence rate is 40.3 per 100,000 women. Simply put, one out of every two … Continue reading BREAST CANCER