Oh, I think that I found myself a cheerleader, she’s always right there when I need her. Should I sing again? Oh, I think that I found myself a cheerleader, she’s always right there when I need her! I feel like my throat is bursting because I’m not a singing person, my tongue is already … Continue reading CHEERLEADER


When I was growing up my parents and literally everyone told me that drugs were evil, disgusting and a death wish. Those who were seen or even suspected to be using were abandoned like a leper by the community. Drugs looked like a huge sin: an unforgivable one to say. I am grown now and … Continue reading ADDICTED


I dreamt you were gone! I was in school just having a snack at the student centre then I received a call from dad. “Hello son, you need to come to Nairobi Hospital right now! Your mom…” My phone just fell of my hands and all I heard was a ringing sound in my ears. … Continue reading MOM


Oh rocking chair! Oh rocking chair! I love my grandpa’s rocking chair, so I pull it and have a seat. On my right hand I’m holding a vicious knife. I decided to use the last cents I had to get it.   This rocking chair is very special to me. It’s very dear to me. It’s … Continue reading OH, ROCKING CHAIR


You stopped calling, I stopped expecting, You never say hi, I never say hello, You don’t check up, I don’t long for it, When you abandon, should I also? You call me hero, I call you heroin, I cry on your shoulder, you cry on mine, You are my greatest fan, I am yours, When … Continue reading REACTION


Out of the blue, You said you loved me, The love was so far away, So I reached out, But then I died. I was so happy, And determined, I had adrenaline, And so I chased, But then I died. I went to CMC, Got some wheels, Spun to your home, Almost hooted, But then … Continue reading I DIED


Dear dad, I want that rare fatherly love. The scarce times when you tell me that you love me: that’s what I want. I don’t want you to handle me like a tray of eggs in a bumpy road. You can break me, teach me, let me understand what it is to survive in this … Continue reading DEAR DAD


When you don’t see me, know I’m in the orchestraListening to the wafting sound of the bass guitarRhyme with the frequency of my relentless heartbeatWho knew what it takes is just a pull of some strings?Where’s your love? When you don’t see me, know I’m in the orchestraMarvelling at the highs and lows of the … Continue reading WHERE IS YOUR LOVE


‘Mary did you know that your baby boy…’ ‘Jingle bells Jingle bells Jingle all the way…’ ‘Feliz Navidad, Feliz Navidad Feliz Navidad, próspero año y felicidad…’ It’s that time of the year folks we’ve all been waiting for. We humans get a time to celebrate while our fellow animals feast on the massive remains not … Continue reading CHRISTMAS


Family is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love my dad. A doctor: one of the best they say. In fact, he once made headlines for his magnanimity with his patients, an act that earned us a visit by the most beautiful news reporter. I appeared in the news and this … Continue reading HEY BROTHER


I love waking up early, but not because I’m that focused but because I love seeing the sun begin its journey. I wake up everyday same time pull my rocking chair and sit facing the window. The beauty in it I cannot explain. How the sun illuminates the sky with its ebony- sometimes pink, red … Continue reading ROAD TRIP


The drums of war start way long before the actual war. The owl hoots, people get into petty misunderstandings which escalate into a mere slap and the rest is left for the survivors to tell. This is inherently characteristic to interpersonal relationships. What about the wars that we fight inside, the intrapersonal: are we oblivious … Continue reading TAKE ME HOME


My fever stated risingI could breath comfortably no moreI started coughing dangerouslyI could no longer taste or smellI appeared bluish and paleI was literally dyingBut you took me in fastThank you medic At the ICU I was losing itBuried in massive machinesAll I could see was angelic figuresWalking back and forthMy lungs were impoverishedYour diagnosis … Continue reading THANK YOU


‘My name is Joker, I am a hitman. I am paid handsomely by the movers and shakers of this country to assassinate their enemies. Do you know what happens when you meet a hungry animal?’ ‘It will eat you’ ‘Why do you sound so terrified! You are right and you know what? My uncle used … Continue reading SECOND CHANCE


I never thought going back home would be so scary. In the eyes of many I was invincible, unshakeable and I felt so too but now I felt insecure. Afraid of the future, reality and of how events will conform after knowing the truth about my family. I inserted the key in the ignition space … Continue reading SMART CHOKORA IV


I’ve never really taken time to admire my bedroom. Yeah…Patel bought me a decent home if you are wondering. I lay in bed staring at the beautiful floral designs on the ceiling and the glamorous lights. I kept imagining how skillful and determined this guy was. Speaking of determination, I realized that this was the … Continue reading SMART CHOKORA III


I opened my eyes, looked back and Patel was on the car door. He got in so excited and told me to drive as fast I could thinking I was his driver. As I drove, Patel narrated to me how he had enjoyed his night. He said that that was the night of all nights … Continue reading SMART CHOKORA II


A man is never born successful, successful people are made but as for me I will say that people make themselves successful. It doesn’t matter how; the end justifies the means. With that thought in mind, I decide to go out to hunt for success. But before I get out of my car, I look … Continue reading SMART CHOKORA